7 Uncommon Materials Used for Eco-Friendly Packaging

Giving you the details on the importance of eco-friendly packaging.

Ah, Climate change. We all know its state today. There’s no doubt about it. From global warming to everything in between and under, the world isn’t really in its best form. What’s worse is that most people aren’t really bothered about the circumstances that could arise in the future. Plastic used to and to some extent still is used a lot with regards to packaging. However, we all know how harmful it can be to mother nature. Which is why there are people attempting to come up with some alternatives to plastic. Keeping this in mind we shall tell you about seven such alternatives that are not as nasty as the king of packaging.

  1. Eucalyptus

We all have heard of and used the various benefits that eucalyptus oil provides. It is widely used, especially by the Asian population as a remedy for a stuffy nose as well as other cold issues. However, not many people are aware that it could be used for more. Although eucalyptus has been used commercially to a large extent, it can be portrayed as an environmental savior as well. Parkside Industries is one example of a company that created a biofilm product made from the eucalyptus pulp. This pulp is extracted from the best of trees. Also, the company has developed a design in order to sustain the product longer.

  1. Processed Coconut Waste

Commercially, coconuts are left with husks and shells that are often discarded without a second thought. However, there is one such company that decided to change things up. Who knew that even something like the husk of a coconut could be used as packaging material? Well, now you do. This company used the lignin that is found in coconuts and used it to its biodegradable advantage. Reusable and disposable bowls were made using it and thus, a new and improved environment-friendly material was born.

  1. Mushrooms

Being described as a species of fungi, mushrooms are used all over the world. Mushrooms have been utilized not only for cooking but for many medicinal purposes as well and in different parts of the world. However, we doubt anyone thought it would be useful for an environmental purpose. Well, if you did, you thought wrong. A company named Ikea, that is widely known for its furniture provisions, used it to create various items using different parts of the mushroom for packaging materials.

  1. Potatoes

Who doesn’t love French fries? Well, definitely do. Potatoes can be really useful and are used in a lot of recipes in cooking. However, in this aspect, a company used potato starch to a much bigger cause than just taste buds. It started with the introduction of a champagne range that had eco-friendly packaging made from a bit of potato starch in its ingredients. Along with some natural fibers, the packaging was made by using the starch much to its advantage.

  1. Sugar and CO2

We know you’re thinking about sugar candies, but shake it off. A university decided to test the limits of unusual materials by using common products- sugar and CO2. However, the result that they received wasn't one they could use as daily packaging material, but for medical uses. There are often medical circumstances where special materials need to be utilized and this fits perfectly.

  1. Chicken Feathers

Now, this might sound bizarre, but trust us, it works. The poultry industry uses a lot of chicken on a daily basis, right? But what really happens to all those feathers? You’re right, nothing at all. Polymerization is a process which uses chicken feathers and processes it into fine dust. There is then a further process that makes bags that are even better than cornstarch when it comes to being water resistant.

  1. Liquidated Wood

Woods mainly has three components that it can be broken down into. These consist of Lignin, that we spoke about earlier, Cellulose and Hemicellulose. Lignin and grounded wood make a good match in producing some pretty useful packaging materials. However, it is not really needed in the paper industry, unfortunately.

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