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8 Budget Tips for Mothers with Students

Whether by choice or by chance there are millions of mothers with students who are struggling to make it through the day. For many of them, making it without having a financial breakdown is a miracle.

Every parent knows, that raising kids is a difficult but rewarding job. As a parent, you are on-call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Spontaneity is no longer a part of your vocabulary since everything you do will affect your kids one way or another. You are all alone making decisions and caring for your kid’s everyday needs. And when you are on the verge of tears for all the troubles and financial stresses, you cannot rely on anybody else but yourself. Added pressure when your kids start schooling. Raising kids as students is not cheap. You learn real quick how to budget what little money you have and become competent stealing from Peter to pay Paul.

Family and friends may try to understand but no one can truly know what a mother with a student goes through. They do not know what it is like to have endless nights of crying because there is no money for school fees and books. Or the feeling of failure because you cannot afford to turn the heat up on a cold winter's night. They do not understand the humiliation when groceries have to come from a food pantry. Or bear being called the bad guy because you have to constantly tell your children "NO" when money is enough for basic necessities only.

Please keep in mind that you are not alone though. Many mothers worldwide can empathize with your situation and even some went out of their way to share tips that helped them get by.Here are someof those tips;

 1. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it

Remember that you are not asking for yourself.You are asking for your children. If you cannot ask family and friends, you can call your local church. They can connect you with many organizations that will help you get food, pay for fuel, and even get a new refrigerator if you need it.

 2. Take a look at your overall spending and cut unreasonable expenses

Go through each and every expenditure. It is possible that you can still cut costs where necessary or forgo some that you can still live without.

 3. Budget the meals. It is best to eat your meals at home

This is so simple to do but a lot of people have difficulty sticking to it.While it is tempting to eat out, know that it is expensive and will surely put a dent on your budget. By preparing and eating your meals at home, you will save thousands every year.

 4. Use coupons.Shop and pay using coupons

Many people save money from using coupons found online, magazines, and the Sunday paper. It is a good way to take advantage over this opportunity especially when the household is tight on the budget. So hit the mall without having to spend much.

 5. Reuse school supplies

At the end of every school year, take it upon yourself to gather all used supplies. Separate supplies accordingly – for reuse, for disposal, and for donation.Set aside items for reuse and store in an apt place to keep it in good condition until the opening of the next school year.

 6. Use compatible or remanufactured toner cartridges for your home printer

This becomes handy during the school season. Students usually have tons of projects and reports to print and the cost of printing becomes a burden from time to time. In order to move out from this misery, use lower-priced toner cartridge replacements for your printer and cut printing expense up to 50%.

 7. Buy second hand items

Children grow like weeds so the need to buy clothesfitting for themcuts a big percentage on the household budget. But you do not have to sacrifice everything else for new clothes. You can opt to buy second hand pieces that cost less. Just be meticulous though.

 8. Sell your kids outgrown clothes

This correlates with the previous one. If you are thinking of buying second hand pieces, then it is good to consider selling the pile of old clothes in your homes as well. You can start by offering it to family and friends. And if you are bolder, you can sell it online or better yet organize a garage sale.

These are just 8 tips that have help mothers with students get by. So try it out now and reap from its benefits.

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