8 Clothing Brands Dedicated to Working with Charities

What if you could singlehandedly add to your wardrobe and help charities? It’s entirely possible when you shop with the right brands. You might be surprised by the various clothing brands that have decided to work with charities. It’s a chance to give back while stocking your closet with the very best that the marketplace has to offer.

Clothing Brands Dedicated to a Cause

Clothing brands can pick and choose the causes they want to support. Some will focus on homelessness while others focus on sustainability, climate change, and more. Learn about the brands that are working with charities and what shopping with them can do to help others.


J’aime is a brand of luxury garments for you to help you look your best. With a line of products that range from dresses and women’s leggings to kimonos to athletic wear, there’s something regardless of where you want to go. The brother and sister team has been committed to raising money and awareness for a variety of causes since the very beginning.

Various partnerships have been formed with foundations, including Books for Kids. It ensures that everyone has a chance to pay it forward while being fashionable.

Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida is a brand that is based in Costa Rica. College students founded the company after buying bracelets from Costa Rica during vacation. The bracelets are designed to show the beauty of life while helping to provide careers for those in Costa Rica. The company is currently employing 80+ individuals.

As a way to give back beyond helping the Costa Rican economy, there is a “charity” line of bracelets. These will raise money for different causes based on the line a bracelet is purchased from. Some of the charitable causes Pura Vida bracelets have supported include cancer awareness and suicide prevention.

Out of Print

Out of Print is a company that offers literary-themed accessories. Books that are out of print are turned into fashionable items. The words from these books are printed in a typewriter font to create a whimsical look on travel pouches, tote bags, and more.

All of the items are made in the USA. Additionally, a purchase provides a book to a community in need. It’s a way for the company to not only transform literary classics into apparel and accessories but also support literacy around the globe.


Toms may be one of the most notable companies on the list simply because they’ve been a pioneer in the charity-giving game. They are well-known for selling high-quality shoes that are comfortable and made from sustainable materials.

What people may not know is that they have a one-for-one model. For every pair of shoes that you buy, they’ll donate a pair to someone in need. It allows you to shop guilt-free for great-looking shoes knowing that you’re helping the homeless (and the shoe-less) at the same time. Plus, a percentage of the company’s profits go to grassroots good for such things as improving diverse perspectives and ending gun violence.

Guru Sandals

Gurus offer a unique selection of sandals, all inspired by the single-post design as worn by Gandhi. The brand has chosen to hand-harvest all of the rubber used in the production of their sandals from family farms. Natural rubber is used in comparison to synthetic materials used by other brands. It reduces the carbon footprint of the company and provides for a higher-quality sandal.

As if offering an eco-friendlier sandal wasn’t reason enough to shop Guru Sandals, they also plant a tree for every purchase that is made. The brand partnered with Trees for the Future so that trees are planted in rural communities of the developing world.

Miki Moko

Miko Moko is a unique company that features fashion glasses. The relatively new brand has a business model where customers choose how much they want to pay for their frames. Based in the UK, the company uses the catchy line that “life’s too short to wear ugly glasses.”

50% of every purchase goes straight to charity. While the organizations Miki Moko works with can change, they’re currently supporting the Nepal Youth Foundation. As such, every purchase helps with rescuing indentured girls and returning them to their families. Countless designs on prescription glasses are available, so it’s possible to be fashionable and committed to charity.


Kenzo is a clothing brand that offers t-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories. They are renowned for the use of a tiger motif. It only made sense when they partnered with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature to create a unique capsule collection to help the organization.

Their French Luxury brand has decided to donate a portion of the sales to WWF so that the independent conservation organization can continue to help various species avoid extinction. In support of the Year of the Tiger, coming up in 2022, Kenzo has launched a full capsule collection featuring various artistic tiger renderings. This is designed to help WWF with its efforts to double the tiger population in the wild by 2022.

Qeep Up

Qeep Up is an activewear brand that was founded by actress Maggie Q. The vegan activist has been committed to reducing consumer waste on the planet, so it’s only natural that the brand uses Repreve, a fabric made 100% from recycled filaments, including consumer waste.

  1. The brand not only meets the Global Recycled Standard but also teamed up with Blue Sphere Foundation. This nonprofit is committed to safeguarding the oceans and preventing the destruction of marine animals and habitats. Purchasing their activewear ensures that you’re wearing recycled materials while giving back to an organization that will help the oceans.

Shop to Support Charities Now

It’s time to shop and support charities. Imagine being able to buy a beautiful kimono and know that you can support literacy. Look your best at the gym in a new pair of leggings while knowing that a percentage of your purchase has gone to a good cause.

You can start by shopping at J’aime today. With our wide selection of clothing, you can look fabulous whether you’re headed to a Pilates class or to a charity ball.

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