8 Cost-Effective Alternatives to Cable TV

The majority of Americans say that paying for cable TV is unaffordable now, according to a survey in 2018. 

For many people, the monthly cable bill is something the bill payer dreads every time.

But if you enjoy watching movies at home and the latest hit drama, what are the alternatives to cable TV?

Well, there are actually many affordable services which offer great shows and movies to keep you entertained.

Here are the top cable alternatives. Let's go!

1. Netflix

If you haven't heard of Netflix yet, it must be because you've been living under a rock. 

If you want to enjoy binge-watching TV shows, Netflix practically invented this manner of watching TV.

Tired of waiting for week-by-week for the next episode of your favorite show?

That's not Netflix style! Beyond a few Netflix originals, you can watch a season all the way through without stopping.

An increasing number of TV viewers skip the commercials anyway. So why don't you cut out commercials altogether with Netflix?

The standard Netflix fee is $8 per month. However, if you want to take advantage of multiple device uses, you could also upgrade to Premium for $12 per month. 

This allows you to watch it on your TV, smartphone, tablet, and computer at the same time under the same roof. 

2. YouTube 

You may be surprised to discover that Youtube can also be an alternative to cable TV.

For starters, the standard access to Youtube is free.

You may have to search through the garbage on Youtube.

You'll find viral videos, helpful how-to guides, and tones of clips from your favorite shows through the years. There is also an increasing number of professional videos available now.

Did you know that you can also get a paid subscription to Youtube Premium?

For $12 per month, you can get access to a number of original TV shows and movies. Plus, you'll also get access to the Youtube Music service to play your favorite songs.  

3. Hulu

The online streaming service HULU has over 20 million subscribers, according to Variety. This substantially less than Netflix. 

But, HULU has produced some of the most critical appraised TV content in recent years. In particular, 'The Handmaid's Tale', which won a number of awards.

There is also plenty more content produced by cable networks and local TV networks. 

You can get access to HULU for $8 per month. However, in contrast to others, you need to tolerate commercials. 

If you want to upgrade to $12 per month, you can go commercial-free. If you want the top package avaliable, you can also pay for a $40 per month plan to access live TV. 

4. Amazon Prime 

According to Variety, Amazon Prime has over 100 million subscribers. You may already have Amazon Prime for other reasons.

But, are you taking advantage of the Amazon Prime Video service?

Even though there are many other advantages of the Amazon Prime subscription, you may discover that Amazon Prime Video is worth the $9 per month.

You get access to a number of original TV shows. If there is something that takes your fancy, you can also rent or buy a TV show or movie via Amazon.  


IPTV is an online streaming service. 

It's easy to set up and affordable. You can access IPTV with any of your devices. 

If you subscribe to IPTV, you will get access to over 6,000 channels with exclusive access. This includes everything including sports, TV shows and movies. 

You can subscribe for $30 over a 3-month period. You can also save money by subscribing for a year for only $60 annually.

6. Your Local Library

If you want to save even more money, you could rent movies and TV shows from your local library. 

Your library either provides the service free of charge or for a small fee. All you need is to sign up to a library card.

Of course, the downside is that there is limited availability of new movies and TV shows. You may have to compromise on your options.

7. Premium Channels 

If you want to watch HBO, Starz or Showtime, you no longer need to pay for an add-on to your cable package. 

Such TV services are available as online streaming services too. This ranges between $9 to $15 per month.

These services usually cost significantly more than the other choices on this list. However, if you want access to some of the top quality produced TV shows and movies, it may be worthwhile.

8. Sling TV 

If you can't give up live TV, then Sling TV could be right for you. You can watch live TV on Sling TV just like with cable.

What's the difference? You watch it via the internet rather than your satellite.

The top package includes up to 30 channels, such as CNN, ESPN, and AMC. You also get the Disney Channel for the kids.

You can pay $25 per month for this line-up. You can also purchase additional channels such as sports and movies for $5-10.

What are the Alternatives to Cable TV?

Are you still clinging to your cable subscription but don't know why? You no longer have any excuses.

As you can see from our list, there are numerous alternatives to cable TV now. You can select one or more of our alternatives to cable TV for your entertainment requirements. 

You can enjoy all favorite shows and great movies without breaking the bank with cable TV.

If you want more information and advice on savvy-shopper spending tips, we can show you the way with our blog on everything a Mommy needs to know.

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