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8 Most Critical Health Mistakes That Women Do After the Age of 40

Age increases your risk of certain health problems. Your body becomes less strong and more vulnerable to diseases when you reach the age of 40. This is the right time to become more attentive to your physical and mental health. Fortunately, you can avoid most age-related health problems by making healthy choices and changing your lifestyle. 

Keep reading if you want to discover 8 worst health mistakes that you can make after the age of 40.

1. You have high levels of stress

Life is complicated and full of unpleasant surprises. It can raise your stress levels and put a toll on our mental and physical health. Stress is a major cause of health disorders like heart problems, diabetes, obesity, and depression. High stress can aggravate already existing conditions and decrease the quality of sleep. To relieve stress you may try relaxing techniques and meditation. 

2. You put extra pressure on your muscles

By putting extra pressure on your muscles you increase your risk of orthopedic injuries and arthritis. It can decrease the mobility of your joints and contribute to chronic pain. You need to be careful when you are at the gym. If you cannot create a training plan properly, ask an experienced trainer to help you. The coach can help you choose the right exercises and loads. 

3. You have obesity

By being overweight you become prone to serious health problems. It increases high blood pressure risk, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Excess weight complicates simple daily activities like walking upstairs and impairs self-esteem. Having extra weight in the abdominal area may contribute to the development of gynecological problems. You can ask your doctor about weight loss options like gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery. 

4. You neglect breast cancer screening

It is very important to get screening for breast cancer every year. The mammogram isn’t an ideal test but it can help detect cancer in the early stages and save your life. The doctor can evaluate your risk of breast cancer based on your age, family history, and underlying diseases. To decrease the risk of breast cancer, talk to your healthcare provider about breast cancer screening. 

5. You skip annual health screenings

You can be incredibly busy but this isn’t a reason to skip your annual physical examinations. It can make you vulnerable to serious illnesses and chronic conditions. A colonoscopy can prevent cancer by removing polyps before they become malignant. Stay on top of all your recommended physical exams and screenings. 

6. You are embarrassed about incontinence

Incontinence isn’t a reason to feel ashamed. Up to 40% of women around the world face urinary incontinence or leakage at least once in life. As you become older, the chances of urinary leakage increase. If you cannot hold urine, visit a urologist to ensure everything is good with your pelvic organs

7. You neglect your brain health

As well as taking care of your body, you need to take care of your brain. Age makes you more vulnerable to brain disorders like mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease. As you age your brain shrinks in volume decreasing cognitive function. To preserve brain health you need to practice a healthy lifestyle and train your brain. Regardless of your age, you need to perform brain exercises and keep the mind stimulated. 

8. You drink too much alcohol

Drinking alcohol is incredibly bad for your health. It raises your risk of high blood pressure, liver damage, osteoporosis, cancer, and decreases immunity. If you want to decrease your risk of life-threatening health conditions, you need to reduce alcohol intake. If you have trouble avoiding alcohol or think you have a drinking problem, contact a medical expert.

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