8 Surprising Benefits of Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

Many people around the world undergo a real torture aligning their teeth with traditional braces. They bring a lot of inconveniences including pain and irritation. Regular metal braces spoil the appearance and lower self-esteem. This is especially true for teens. In addition to these inconveniences, you even cannot eat your favorite food. 

Invisalign is a solution that can align your teeth and will not cause such problems as metal braces do. If you are considering Invisalign aligners, there are eight benefits that will convince you to choose them.

1. Aesthetic

Invisalign is made of medical plastic that is transparent and is less noticeable than traditional braces. This is the main advantage of Invisalign. Metal braces often make a person feel shy and insecure. Invisalign is a perfect option for people who need orthodontic treatment but don’t want to spoil their appearance with metal wires and brackets. 

Invisalign can help you align your teeth without worrying that someone is staring at your braces or that food can get stuck in them. 

2. Comfort

Traditional braces have metal wires so they can be uncomfortable and painful sometimes. Unlike regular braces, Invisalign is not metal. They are made of soft rounded plastic. This makes Invisalign more comfortable than metal braces. Invisalign does not cut or irritate your gums and cheeks from the inside. 

With Invisalign you can also avoid emergency dental problems like broken brackets or the need to apply dental wax all the time. 

3. Fewer food restrictions

Traditional braces are easy to be damaged with a certain food. When wearing braces you need to avoid all sticky, hard, or chewy foods. It is recommended to include in your diet soft foods since they are gentler on braces hardware. 

Invisalign doesn’t put such restrictions on your diet. You may just remove your aligner, eat food that you want, and place the aligner back after your meal.

4. Convenience

Removable invisalign is more convenient than the regular braces. You can remove your aligner for special occasions like wedding or job interviews. Traditional braces also put  restrictions on sport activities that you can get involved in. As for Invisalign, you can take them out while doing sport. But remember to use a mouthguard to prevent tooth damage. 

Additionally, you cannot play some music instruments with traditional braces. You can remove your Invisalign to feel more comfortable when playing music, while traditional braces are not removable. 

5. Does not affect speech

Almost all oral constructions affect your speech and traditional braces are not an exclusion. It will take you a lot of time to get used to metal construction in your mouth. Invisalign, unlike braces, is made of thin plastic and doesn’t pose serious problems. Any speech difficulties will be temporary and minor.

6. Faster treatment

Invisalign requires less time to align teeth than a traditional braces. It can take up to two years and longer for regular braces to straighten your teeth. Invisalign treatment usually lasts up to 18 months.

7. Invisalign is a modern technology

The Invisalign technology transformed the orthodontics. A doctor uses special technology to create a 3D model of your teeth and put this data in a special computer program. This program designs and makes your aligners. It also predicts the movement of teeth during treatment to make a set of aligners for the whole duration of treatment. Invisalign technology also allows you to see the result during each phase of treatment when changing the aligner. 

8. Less time in the dentist’s chair

Traditional braces require more visits (typically once every 6 weeks) to the orthodontist’s office than Invisalign. For Invisalign, your orthodontist doesn’t need to make regular adjustments as with regular braces. The dentist just monitors progress to make sure Invisalign align teeth properly. 

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