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8 Surprising Benefits of Meditation That Will Change Your Life

Meditation is an ancient practice that has exploded onto the health and wellness scene in the past decade, gaining favor with top businessmen and athletes such as Oprah and Michael Jordan. That is why it has now become an attractive career choice for many. If you want to become a yoga-&-meditation guru, it is essential that you learn the basics from an experienced meditator. Also, getting a health and wellness coach certification from a reputed organization can help your career as a professional.

Meditation’s benefits have been widely touted- everything from lowering stress and anxiety to improved mental health. However, there are still some surprising benefits of meditation that are lesser known, but no less useful in our day to day lives.

Read on for eight weird and wonderful benefits meditation can bring into your life!

  1. Helps reduce pain

One of the most useful benefits of meditation is its ability to improve our pain tolerance. One study exposed the participant to pain and scanned the participants’ brains to examine how two groups- meditators and non-meditators- responded to the pain stimulus.

They found that frequent meditators reported feeling less pain. For people struggling with chronic pain or in recovery, this benefit is life changing. No wonder many health and wellness coaches incorporate meditation into their programs!

  1. May help conquer addiction

Addiction is a worrying trend in the U.S currently. Meditation can help to break addictions by helping you to develop increased self-control and awareness of triggering habits or behaviors.

A key part of meditation is becoming aware of your urges, but not letting them control you- a technique known as “urge-surfing.” Studies have found that meditation can play a key role in helping people struggling with addiction make lasting changes to their lifestyles.

  1. Improves your sense of touch

A little-known benefit of meditation is that it can help your nerve endings to become more receptive and improve our perception of touch.

In a study, researchers found that frequent meditators were able to distinguish between two different stimuli on the end of their fingers more accurately. This could stem from the practice of becoming more aware of your body, leading your brain to pay more attention to the stimuli it receives.

  1. Can reduce memory loss

With dementia affecting around 50 million people worldwide, memory loss and mental deterioration is a serious concern and fear that many people have. Meditation can help reduce memory loss.

A meta-analysis of twelve different studies found a consistent link between meditation and alertness/recall in older participants. For people who are genetically inclined towards dementia or like to keep their memory sharp, meditation is one of the best methods.

  1. Improves attention span

Meditation is often associated with being calm and relaxed, but its benefits can also stretch to the workplace by improving our productivity and attention span. Meditation improves cognition speed and our ability to perform tasks requiring long periods of focus.

It will help you reach a whole new level of razor-like focus as you work and complete tasks. The self-discipline in meditation will also help you stop procrastinating.

  1. Makes you more creative

It is no secret that meditation rewires your brain, and part of that change is to promote growth in the areas of our brain responsible for creativity.

With its focus on calm and avoiding distractions, meditation is the perfect way to overcome a mental block or to get that burst of creativity when you most need it.

  1. Helps you make decisions

Many executives and businessmen make meditation part of their daily routine because meditation improves the functioning of the parts of your brain responsible for decision making.

Generally, humans have a limited amount of willpower and making decisions depletes it- known as “decision fatigue.” Meditation helps you make decisions faster and with more clarity, so you can make better choices and end up less mentally drained.

  1. Enhances your immune system

Meditation isn’t just good for the brain, but also for the body. Studies have shown a variety of meditation styles have a measurable impact on the immune system, improving our ability to resist and fight off common infections.

If flu season has you down, try incorporating meditation into your daily routine! It might save you a trip to the doctor.

For all these, and many more benefits, try meditation today!

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Comment by January Gray on October 24, 2018 at 11:54am

Great post! I wish more people would give Meditation a try! It really is super helpful!

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