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8 Useful Tips How to Become Friends with Your Child

If your family has a teenager, the tips that I want to give you a uniquely useful as to find a compromise with teenager is always not easy. What is puberty? This is the time when the body grows, the hormones are dancing, going wild emotions, anger often spills out uncontrollably. The task of parents in this period is to be patient and always willing to help. And here are some simple tips:

1. Give their freedom

Teenagers often show parents that they are completely independent and mom and dad are not necessary and are not a decree anymore. Parents should be ready to step aside and take child’ right to have own separate space (do not enter the room without knocking, do not touch his stuff without permission, etc). Accept refusals.

2. Be always ready to talk

Do not push and do not impose, but be always close. Parents should be open to dialogue. Always easy to give wise advice, scold, intimidate. But this way you will achieve only mistrust and nothing more. So listen your child, how you would listen your adult friend.

3. Trust

In fact, children do not tend to hide anything from the parents. Secrets begin when moms and dads condemn, check and prohibit all the time. If you learn how to trust your child, he or she will not try to hide something from you. In no case do not hack their accounts in social networks, do not spy by monitoring their movements and viewing photos from parties. If you will be revealed - you will not have another chance to deserve confidence.

4. Encourage and praise!

When you praise, even for the very small success, your child becomes more confident . Despite the fact that the child is an adult, there is nothing more important for him or her than your approval.

5. Be friends with his or her friends

By swearing your child friends you will lose him/her. It is better to invite friends to your home, listen them, talk, ask about school or interests, maybe even learn from them something.

6. Point out errors

Many parents fear that their child will "stop loving" or resent them if parents will be too strict. This tactic usually leads to disobedience and loss of control. If the anger of parents is deserved , the punishment is necessary. This helps child to notice mistakes.

7. Teach how to value money

Take your child with you to the bank, tell how to earn, what purchases he/she can make, learn how to choose what is more important to buy. The store ask a child to choose an attractive price, and in general look at the prices!

8. Help to orient

Deciding what to do in the future is the most difficult thing for a teenager. And then parents’ help become urgent. Try to show child all the opportunities - visit different master classes, to familiarize with specialist from absolutely different fields among your friends or colleagues. Do not push, your child can decide singly.

About the author: Stacy Green, a school teacher with a degree in Pedagogy and Psychology, writes custom essay and short articles that are useful for parents and children. Stacy has a teaching and writing experience continuously. As a hobby, she plays tennis and swims. 

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