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Being safe and feeling safe are two different things. While your head may know the doors are locked and the house is secure, your heart still beats quickly with every noise.

There are ways to help you be safer, such as living in an area with lower crime and locking your doors, however, you won't necessarily feel safe just because you are safe. We tend to feel safer when we can see and hear the safety precautions. Here are some ways to help you leverage that to feel safe and comfortable while at home!

1. Turn On Your Lights

Although we often think of it as a childish to be scared of the dark, but adults can suffer from the same irrational fear. It's a feeling that stretches all the way back to our ancestors. After all, seeing is believing, and if you can't see what's there… what is?

Brightening up your surroundings will instantly make your home feel more welcoming and safe.

This might mean putting energy efficient light bulbs into your outdoor lights and keeping them on during the night. You can install motion sensors so when anything moves outside, you’ll be able to check if it’s just a cat that set it off and know that anything more sinister will be deterred. They're also convenient since they turn on automatically when you arrive home at night and need light to see your front door.

Inside the house, dimmers can be used so you can choose a balance between all the way on and all the way off. Table lamps and night lights can help, especially near windows as they make an area brighter. It will also look brighter from the outside as a deterrent to any would-be intruders.

2. Shut Out the Night

When it gets dark outside, people can see inside very clearly if the windows are exposed and lights are on. Pull all your blinds and curtains closed for privacy and security.

3. Avoid Dark Overgrown Corners in Your Landscaping

Clear out any dark, overgrown corners of your garden. Not only can they cause unwelcome shadows at night, they can also be a hiding place for pests of all kinds. Cut away debris, hedges, and other plants and let the light in.

4. Fix the Creaks and Groans

It's not unusual to hear some creaks and groans throughout the house, especially in older homes on windy days or as the weather changes. If you have a back door that thumps in the wind however, that's a sound that you can cut out by having it repaired.

By finding the sources of as many noises as possible, you can take care of them and make your home quieter and more peaceful at night.

5. Play Music or Turn on the Television at Night

Outside noises at night can make you feel exposed and scared. Turn on the television or radio so you have sounds to drown out any noises you don't want to hear. Just make sure you have a security system so it alerts you to anything you do need to know about.

6. Know Your Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors will instantly make you feel safer. Being surrounded by strangers may lead to you feeling on edge and unsafe. But, with friends next door, it will make you feel like you always have someone to run to or call on if you need help.

Make it a point get to know the local neighborhood watch group. They are there for your safety! They often attend community events, so go say hi.

7. Don’t Watch Shows or Movies that Put You on Edge

Watching scary movies might seem like a fun thing to do when you're alone on a Friday night, but, you'll quickly learn that all it's going to do is put you on edge. If you find yourself jumping when the freezer kicks on because you've been watching too many horror movies, it's probably time to tone things down. Instead, seek out comedies and cheerful sources of entertainment.

8. Use a Security System

A security system is a big part of both keeping you safe, and helping you feel more safe. When properly set up and installed, it can help protect you and provide peace of mind. Security cameras outside will also prove beneficial as you'll be able to see what is happening around your house. Don't hesitate to get a security system installed. You can also make sure that your home and contents are protected with good contents insurance.

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