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9 Doctor Who Episodes Set During the Victorian Era

It’s no secret I love history and historical fiction, but I also love science fiction, specifically sci-fi television shows.  One of my favorites is Doctor Who.  Maybe it’s the brainy yet quirky and socially awkward main character.  Maybe it’s the dash of humor in every adventure.  Or maybe it’s the time travel.  After all, what better connects all my loves than an episode about time travel?  This list of Doctor Who episodes set during the Victorian era are from the series’ return in 2005 to the present.  Some episodes from the original series also visited the Victorians, but I did not see those episodes and opted not to include them here.  The episodes are in random order.

Six Doctor Who Episodes Set During the Victorian Era

Tooth and Claw

The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and companion Rose (Billie Piper) have plans to travel to 1979 for a concert but accidently end up in 1879 Scotland.  While walking through the moors, they are intercepted by Queen Victoria’s guards.   The Doctor pretends to be a Scottish physician who has been chasing after Rose.  Along with the queen, they travel to the Torchwood estate. 

At the estate, everything is not as it seems.  The household is in fear, and monks are knocking soldiers unconscious and taking women to the cellar and holding them prisoner.  Also being held prisoner is a man who hints at being an alien or a werewolf or both.

The moon starts to transform the man, and it is up to the household to stop the beast.

The Doctor and Rose defeat the werewolf.  The queen is grateful but appalled by the pair’s flippant attitude, so she banishes them from the empire.

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