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Because good food shouldn’t require extra time...

Some people have the luxury to spend their time in the kitchen with ease. However, for you busier individuals, we feel your pain. We understand the struggle of getting food on the table on time especially if you’re cooking for a family. These aren’t exact guidelines because everyone has their own comfort zones. These are some changes you can make to your kitchen habits that will result in faster cooking. So, if you’re interested, keep reading to find out some fine shortcuts!

  1. Sharp Knife

Everyone has gone through the misery of having a blunt knife. Everything seems like a construction site where you are sawing through the vegetables. Using a blunt knife means that the cooking procedure will be harder for you and not just slower. Look up techniques to sharpen your knife every few weeks or invest in a good knife that will be in a stable condition for a long time.

  1. Walk Through

Mentally prepare for the meal you are about to cook. Don’t get it twisted, we don’t mean to give yourself a pep talk before cooking! If you’re going to be cooking several dishes, plan out which one takes the longest to prepare, etc. Doing this will help you figure out if you can do multiple things while one dish is being prepared. Although it can be hard to come to a conclusion, we believe in you.

  1. Hold Your Knife Properly

Some people might hold their knife in a position where the index finger lies on top of the blade. Doing this is risky and can be extremely dangerous as well. A better position would be to rest your thumb on either one side of the blade and the index finger on the other one. This would allow the remaining three fingers to hold the rest of the knife. This position gives you more control of the knife and is overall a safer way of holding it.

  1. Preliminary Steps

Make sure to set up what you can before you start going over the recipe. When following a recipe, we’ve seen a lot of people having to start it with heating the oven. It makes us sad. Which is why you can heat up the oven in advance to avoid such circumstances. Also, set up any appliances that you will require during the cooking procedure.

  1. Learn Chopping Methods

Chopping ingredients is an art form and not many people know the right way to do so. If you want to cook faster than usual, learn some efficient cutting methods. This will save you the time you usually waste chopping up. One method would be to make horizontal slices first and then vertical ones, doing so two ways.

  1. Boil Water

The major step to cooking faster is to get that water boiling. By doing this, you will ensure that you have time to get other things done. While the water boils, you can start chopping, laying the vegetables out, etc. Another tip is to cover the pot whenever you’re cooking something. Closed lids help food cook faster and water to boil quicker as well.

  1. Read the Recipe

If you’re new to cooking or are prone to trying new recipes, hear us out. Always read a new recipe entirely before starting. Like we said, it's always better to avoid oven circumstances. Take your time and read thoroughly. If there are any steps that require preliminary preparation start doing those immediately before the actual cooking begins.

  1. Garbage Can

If you have a garbage bin in the kitchen but it located too far you can always try a garbage bowl. It's a large bowl dedicated to throwing away cooking waste. You could allow purchase a small garbage bin and keep it standing next to your counter.

  1. Wide Pans

Using shallow and wide pans instead of saucepans can be really useful. Wider the pan, more food that gets heated and faster at that! Saucepans are great for boiling stuff and cooking more brothy substances but when it comes to stir-frying, look for wider pans.

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