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9 Steps to Buying the Perfect Mattress

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Are you waking up to abnormal aches and pains? If so, your mattress could be the problem! All mattresses have a lifespan, which is why buying a new one can make a difference. Here is our comprehensive guide to help you navigate the world of mattresses.

Advice for Buying A New Mattress

A good mattress is one that should last you at least 10 solid years. If you don’t know where to start to take a look at puffy mattress reviews and see what people recommend. The expert advice below can help you make your selection wisely!

1. How to Tell You Have the Right Mattress

Paul Bell, who is an expert osteopath, explains that a good mattress can help straighten your spine when lying on your side and mimic the natural curve of your spine when sleeping on your back. In addition, the best mattress for you is one that molds to the shape of your body without leaving any gaps between the mattress surface and your body. A well-constructed mattress will also relieve pressure on your pressure points, meaning, your shoulders and hips sink deeper than any other parts of your body.

Another expert (Michelle Anne Ng of Simmons) also hopes to stress the importance of choosing a mattress that both you and your partner can enjoy. Whether tossing or turning, a solid king or queen mattress should not disturb your partner!

2. Test Before You Buy

Sealy Asia's own marketing manager, Dave Hong, hopes that couples heed his advice that they should test out mattresses together. All sleeping positions should be tested for 20 minutes apiece before making a decision about a mattress.

3. Know Optimum Height

Contrary to popular belief, the height of a mattress does matter! A thicker mattress means a plush and cushioned surface to lie on. Sealy's Dave comments that choosing pressure relief materials such as latex or memory foam also contribute to a higher mattress. On the other hand, expert Michelle hopes to stress the importance of selecting a mattress height that seamlessly blends with your bed frame for easy access.

4. Weight Does Matter

As a rule of thumb, a heavier person can appreciate the support of a firmer mattress with thin cushioning on top. However, there aren't a specific set of rules that dictate how firm or soft a mattress has to be based on a person's weight. In short, it's best to choose the option that offers support and comfort.

5. Specialty Mattresses for Spine and Back Problems

A moderately firm or light mattress is the best choice for those suffering from back problems and spinal conditions. Paul, an expert in the field, mentions that memory foam mattresses or those spring mattresses that are compartmentalized enough to mold to the shape of the body are the best options.

6. Consider Mattress Breathability

Not everyone can afford air conditioning, which is why breathable fabrics and mattresses are a must. Choose mattresses that have a cotton blend outer layer versus those with too much polyester. It's also wise to use bamboo bedding as it wicks away moisture. Some professional recommendations include the Serta Acacia Valley Mattress and the SlumberlandTempsmart Mattress as they offer ventilation.

7. The Price Vs. Quality

In terms of mattress shopping, you do get what you pay for. A more expensive mattress is built with durable comfort materials such as cashmere and wool. Director Lee Seng Khoon also mentions that the cost of a mattress can increase the more durable and supportive the coils are.

8. How to Tell if Your Mattress isn't Right

Fatigue and aching joints can be tell-tale signs that your mattress is either too firm or not supportive enough. In fact, Dave explains a month is necessary for your body to get used to a new mattress. A poor bed frame or the wrong pillow can also contribute to aches and pains.

9. The Lifespan of A Mattress

A solidly built mattress should last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. The moment you notice sagging beyond 2.5 cm or squeaking, Dave advises a new mattress is in order.

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