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A Regular Babysitter Is What Every Mom Needs

Moms need a babysitter. It's a fact that has been proven time and time again. Moms can only handle so many tasks at hand.  

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9 Tips on How to Make a Kid’s Room in Scandinavian Style

People living in Scandinavian countries have always sought to create a light and warm atmosphere in their houses. This is especially true of children's rooms because children should spend most of their time among natural materials, bright colors and plenty of sunlight.

1. Artificial lighting

Artificial light is a necessary component of a child’s room in Scandinavian style. A room for your child should be well-lit: use chandeliers, wall lamps, and floor lamps. It is especially good in winter when more than half of the day is dark and dusky.

2. Natural colors

Scandinavian style in the interior is characterized by natural and calm colors. Natural shades are also very suitable for decorating your kid’s room. The white color reminds of summer clouds, sandy and yellow colors - about walks along the seashore and gray color is like the dull steel sky and the cold water of the Norwegian Sea.

3. Filling the room with sunshine

If you decided to design a child's room in the Scandinavian style, then install panoramic windows. Don’t curtain the windows, let the kid’s room to be filled with sunlight. Aluminum windows are the most suitable for children's rooms. They are quite durable and retain heat in the room.

4. Bright colors in the form of accents

It is not necessary to design the kid’s room in only white or gray color, otherwise, these shades will suppress your child. Green, red, yellow and orange pieces of furniture and accessories will become the main accent spot of the room and emphasize the simplicity of the interior color scheme.

5. The simplicity of wall decoration

Scandinavians decorate houses without using expensive or fancy materials. Simplicity is another feature of the kid’s room designed in Scandinavian style. The walls are plastered and painted in one color. One wall is usually plastered with contrasting wallpaper or remains in its original texture - with brickwork.

6. Ceiling plaster and wood flooring

There is no need to make multilevel structures on the ceiling or lay expensive finishing material on the floor. The floor of the kid’s room is usually made of wooden planks and painted in white color, and the ceiling is plastered smooth.

7. Choose simple and functional furniture

All furniture in Scandinavian kid’s rooms is usually inexpensive and functional. Objects with strict straight lines and blank facades fit perfectly into this style. A bed can be a bunk bed with drawers for storing linen.

8. “Hand-made” decoration

Decor for Scandinavian children’s room is often hand-made. You can decorate the room with drawings and crafts of the child. Walls can be decorated with photographs and posters with thematic children's illustrations.

The interior of the kid’s room, decorated in the Scandinavian style, is simple and natural. In such a room, the attention of the child won't be distracted by unnecessary objects from the adult world, and plain colors and natural materials will help to develop the kid’s imagination and love of nature.

9. A place to play

There must be enough space in the child’s room to play. In order to let more air enter into the room, use a minimum number of objects. Fabrics for interior design should be natural, with ethnic pattern.

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