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Just when I thought things were smooth sailing dropping my daughters off at school or daycare things go south.

I work 4 days a week, so on the day I am off I spend it with my youngest. I also enjoy or did enjoy dropping off and picking up my oldest at school. Lately, everytime I take my daughter to school she starts to cry and it takes two of us to get her out. So by the time I am in the Jeep I am exhausted and balling my eyes out. It did not help that my youngest was telling her we were going to spend the day together while she has to go to school. I stopped that quick. I told Alli that she cannot do that. Bella doesnt understand yet. She must keep it hush hush or she will go to daycare too.

For instance, today my husband decides to ride to work with me and as soon as we pull up she starts to cry. My husband had the privelage to get her out and wait with her until the bus arrived. When I pulled up after dropping off my youngest inside daycare, his eyes was filled with tears. It makes it somewhat easier that the bus only lets elementry ride together. The older kids have to ride seperatly. I looked at him and said, it is hard I know.! Now you know what I go through each week. I just do not know what to do. Is this the norm? I dont know how I am going to handle it when Allison starts next year. It has to get better

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