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I am disappointed in the increasing number of mommy-blogs I see going political. I'm not going to step onto my soapbox (for long), but I will say this, if your blog is a "mommy-blog" (as opposed to a political or current issue blog), then most of us are not tuning in to hear your views on the candidates.

Please keep in mind that the polls are split pretty close to 50/50, so each time you write a politically charged post, you're alienating half your readership.

In celebration of those writers who have kept their blogs neutral, I have for you a Non-Partisan Blog button. Please feel free to take it for display on your blog. I don't require that you link it back to me (or this post) but would feel honored if you did so.

Button can be found here:
Just Call Me Switzerland.

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Comment by MicheleD on October 18, 2008 at 12:20pm
Hey April...I agree with you...kind of. I've kept my blog neutral when it comes to the presidential campaign, mostly because it's just not 100% relevant to my niche; plus, I'm not a huge follower of politics - never have been. Or perhaps, I'm worried that I'll isolate the 50% of my readers who disagree with my pick for prez. Either way, I agree that a number of mommy blogs and tweets have become overly aggressive with the political stuff. I think that it can be discussed in a respectful manner and some people have kind of gone off the deep end! It's gotten to the point where I've stopped following some twitterers and unsubscribed to some blogs too.

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