Jenny McCarthy isn't the Only Activist for Vaccination Information

I want to introduce you to one of my newest and SMARTEST! blogging friends, Mary Tara from the Bon Bon Gazette, better known as Hello Kittie Mama. I found her on MomBlogNetwork, where she recently posted an article on vaccinations. I thought her story to be so fascinating, so I asked her to join me on my blog today, and no, it's not just so I can take the day off and sit and eat bon bons all day.

As you may know, if you read my little blog often enough, my houshold has a been a toxin free household since before it was cool to "go green" as they call it now. So it just kind of hit me all of a sudden when I was making plans to get my little monkey updated on shots before I enrolled him in preschool that I didn't really know what's in those magical vaccination concoctions. I decided that I needed to start doing the same kind of research on vaccines that I did while ridding our house of household chemicals about five years ago. And after doing a little research, I ended up concluding that vaccinations are no longer for us, and to the chagrin of many people here in my little podunk town, we signed the official North Dakota Department of Health vaccination waiver this year.

Now, neither I nor Mary Tara are anti-vaccination, we are both very much pro-information, so all parents can make an informed decision on the matter. We are also for much "greener" vaccinations.

And Mary Tara is quite the activist for the "pro-choice vaccination movement" as I like to call it, meaning, our state and federal government should never dictate to us what we put into our childrens' bodies.

So, with much ado, here is Hello Kittie Mama, sharing her story and the massive amount of information she has piled in her head on the realities of vaccinations. Make sure to stay tuned at the end of her post and you'll find a quick interview I did with about her story.

Vaccines - Know the Hidden Dangers by MT from The Bon Bon Gazette As parents we bring our children into the world and obligate ourselves to protect them. Vaccinations: a necessity to keep your child healthy and to provide immunity against life-threatening illness. Or, so we are taught and are told to believe. But, could these same vaccines cause our children to be sick, or even die? Sadly, yes.

I write this from the standpoint of a mother. A mother of a child who has been hurt by the shots that I trusted him to receive at the hand of a respected pediatrician. I was a first time mother who listened to my doctor and didn't ask questions. My son received a total of 8 shots over 2 visits shortly after his first birthday. After returning home from his well-visit where he received a cocktail of shots including the then Thimerosal containing MMR (this was in 2001) he wailed in his Pack 'n Play crib and began to bang his head repeatedly on the top rail. He had never done this before and it scared me. When I lifted him out of the crib he was hot and feverish - the crying did not stop. He had trouble breathing and we took him to the ER where they gave him breathing treatments and told us he had "reactive airway disease" or Asthma. He proceeded on a path of always being sick. He stopped babbling and did not develop speech the way that a child his age should. What happened to the words he already had? We had his hearing tested and it came back fine. My child who had been otherwise healthy, hitting milestones as a baby should - slipped away. He later was diagnosed with PDD-NOS.

My son has Autism. I believe it was triggered by all the shots he received. Too many shots, packed with toxins were too much for his fragile immune system to handle.

For the complete story, visit, From a Sometimes Desperate

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