So my three year old daughter has and complete infatuation with play dough. This is probably her favorite pastime and used to be her most expensive until I decided to cut out the corporate american middle man and make my own damn play dough.. See every time my daughter played with this stuff it seemed to disappear. At first I looked for it, but after a while I just dreaded what I might find if I actually go searching. With three kids there are some things better left a mystery. I did later find out that my daughter, in her own words, referred to the dough as “disgusting” after each play session and decided the dough was trash worthy. After a very long speech and some instructional techniques I convinced her that play dough can and should be used again. She shoots she scores. When you actually win the power struggle with a three year old not only should you keep score but you do the dance. You know the dance. Some of us do it mentally others, like myself actually do the damn dance! Haha who is the mom now! I didn’t even have to offer a Popsicle! Yes! Ok now that my self esteem and my daily motherly doubts have vanished, at least for the next ten minutes I am all for sitting down and playing with the stuff you just made me find all the ingredients for, mess up my whole clean kitchen and oh yeah had to cook at the crack of dawn for you because your time telling abilities have not kicked in yet. “Make a boat, make a boat!” This key phrase was repeated about 25 more times and I finally cave. Not only do I cave but I actually get into this. I’m shaping, leveling, pinching and flattening this boat to perfection. I even go so far as to incorporate Popsicle sticks into my … a ship…boat is so not a worthy name anymore, we are beyond such an insignificant label. So I got a Popsicle 3D flag going on, not a single crease in my foundation in fact I pretty much dare you to find a mistake with this creation. I then take it one step farther and get the gingerbread cookie cutter to give the vessel, yes we have upgraded our label once again, give this vessel a captain. I originally was going to go with sailor but my daughter said “captain cookie man” and beat me to the punch. One more finishing touch and my masterpiece was complete. What captain cookie man is complete without a sailors hat. On my third attempt I finally got the circle just the right size to flatten and shape. At which point I’m absolutely glowing and proud of myself. I am taking myself very seriously at this point and patting myself on the back with a congratulatory gleam in my eyes. My kiddo comes over and says “I love it so much mom can I hold it?” Approximately 2 minutes after entering the hands of a three year old my vessel became a ship, then back to a boat, and then back to a pile of dough she woke me up at the first sign of light to make for her. It’s ok. I am still a Popsicle ahead!

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