Sorry the posts have been scanty lately. I am personally dealing with a dilemma in life, proving once again the job of a mother is never ending. Bella is entering middle school next year. The joyous 7th grade. Normally you just pre-enroll your kid in the district chosen school. Unfortunately my life never goes according to plan. My kid is a smarty pants. She is a consistent straight A student and at the end of the 5th grade got tested and put into the “gifted and talented” program. I do live in the mountains which means there are only two schools to choose from in the first place but so many deciding factors that it’s making the process quite overwhelming. In the midst of this parental hump in life my husband was listening to a talk radio show in the car and they were discussing public schools vs. home schooling. The information was quite interesting and although I would never home school my kid (the point is to make her smarter) I think there are some definite issues that relate to my situation. Her actual education is the most important factor, but I do not believe that education only refers to math and history. There is a way bigger picture that is going to affect my child’s life more than knowing what the civil war was about. Social education is learned at school. It is not something you can learn just in your home. Yes as your mother I can teach you to say please, thank you, excuse me and be respectful to your elders. Can I teach you how to react when a boy comes up to you and says “hey baby what is your sign?” I am so gonna teach you how to kick him in the balls but to be honest I can’t cover every topic of every day. I can give my children basic fundamentals but society as a whole is changing so much and kids are growing up so fast that I myself can’t even keep up. Many parents would say that is a cop out and obviously I am not doing my job as a parent. I am not leaving it up to the school to parent my child. If that were the case then I would have juvenile delinquents running around my house. I am saying that school is a very real, very necessary “beginners playground” to what lies ahead in this crazy ass ride called life. Therefore I do believe very strongly in the fact that your social education is just as important as your book education. Something home schoolers do not receive. With that being said I have two school options. One is better for book education but the snobby social status of the school is not somewhere the child of a health conscious earth loving guru and his thrift store shopping, leg warmer wearing deadhead wife will fit in. She will be an outcast, made fun of but have a better grade point average. Then we have choice number two. Ok what they lack in book status they gain in the reality check department. She will have friends, a life and might slack off on grades a little until she learns to balance. Ultimately which is better? Do you remember every thing you learned from your textbooks? Even if you do, isn’t most of it useless knowledge unless you have to help your kid with homework? So I decided to devote all energy to breaking down the different aspects of schooling. Or lack of schooling in some cases. I would love to hear other motherly or fatherly opinions on the subject. Whether you agree or disagree, I am always open to different views.
Peace Hugs & Love

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