Knowledge vs Life .... Smokin zee peace pipe

When researching the top things mothers consider when picking their childs school, I came up with two equally popular subjects. Is it a school full of druggies? Is it a school full of knocked up girls? Lets start with Drugs. Parents of public schooled children didn't want there kids attending a school with a history of drug related activity. Parents of home schooled children believe they are preventing there kids from being a crack addict.

Statistically drugs are a bigger problem with public schooled children then with your typical homeschooler. Well unless your mom or dad has a stash in their sock drawer (yes mine did) then yes your chances of scoring a dime bag are much easier if you attend your local government funded education station. Where are the “after you get out of school” statistics though. Ok so you are in your house every day with your mom looking over her shoulder constantly but what happens when you leave. You want to explore every aspect of the world that you parents decided to shelter you from. You want to dip your innocent feet into the pool of forbidden. All of a sudden you enter the real world and lets face it America’s biggest sellers are sex, drugs and rock and roll. I am not saying better to smoke a dubby at an early age but I am a realist. I do not tell my children to just say no. I am not that stupid. Ok let me re phrase that. If my kid came up to me and said “hey I think I wanna try the black tar mom” ok we are definitely sending you to a catholic, nun is gonna beat your ass institution. Smoking marijuana though. I don’t want to go as far as saying it is a right of passage and I do hope deep down in my heart my kids never really get the urge, but realistically I have prepared myself for the day it happens because let’s face it 9 out of 10 times, it is going to. Do I want to be the mom who was so tied up in “Just saying No” that when the day comes and I find a pipe I am so stunned, I break down and have a mid life crisis. Ultimately it would be my child who paid the price. Do I have a parental plan all laid out for the chapter on drug usage. Actually I do, I’m sure it will have to be tweaked for each child due to their drastic personality differences but so be it. How many families have a fire escape plan? Insurance for fire, floods, and cars. Do you keep your birth certificates and social security cards in a safe place? Back up home movies? College fund? Why as a society do we have all these plans for our material possessions yet we choose the “just say no” route with our children’s life. A lot of mothers out there may disagree or better yet may think I am just a new age idiot, but the fact is that I am prepared. I am not living in some bubble where I think that my word is god to my children. I mean the three year old monster already challenges my every command in life. My ex-husband decided to also go a different route with trying to prevent the “Brittany spears rehab syndrome” in our children. He decided to tell my children two things.
1. When they turn 16 if they have not done any drugs or smoked a cigg he will buy them a car.
Ok this one got a vote of approval.
2. He told my son that if you smoke pot before 16 you will grow tits.
What the fuck. In my opinion this is definitely not the direction we want to be heading with our kids. I mean we already lie about santa, the tooth fairy, Easter bunny, Chanukah Charlie (my parents had to be on crack with that one) and many more depending on the home. I did not want to add false breasts to the list. That is when my husband (health conscious guru man) informed me this is actually true. I had to sit through another 15 minutes of scientific babble backing up the pot=boob talk and finally just gave up. I did wonder though if I started smoking again could I get a bigger rack? My husband has a friend who is attending graduate school in Amsterdam. When he came to visit this last Christmas I bombarded him with a gazillion questions and was completely satisfied with his answers due to the fact I have been preaching them for years. I like to float my own boat in case you haven’t noticed. Anyway the fact that you can walk into any store at any given time and get, hell anything, doesn’t mean there is a bunch of tweaked out fuckers running around. I’m sure there are a few exceptions to the rule, but Daniel informs me that most people don’t NOR haven’t smoked weed. Legalization takes away the coolness factor. I have been saying this for years. Here in the good old U S of A our prisons are full of people on basic misdemeanor drug charges. My tax dollars are paying for them to be incarcerated. I don’t care if that guy had an oz in his possession! I live off a road where there is a pothole every couple of feet and no funding to take care of them. Make it legal. It wouldn’t be so cool. Then who knows, maybe you could actually do something useful with the hunk of my hard earned money you take each week. Ok so technically my husbands hard earned money but you get my point.
So the question still remains, whether a homeschooler or a public schooler, drugs are out there. You cannot convince me that one setting is going to turn you into Lindsey lohan more than the other. Drugs are portrayed as heaven if every movie I have watched lately. I’m not saying your kid is gonna be a junky, but drugs are a fact of life. Better to have a response and a plan your kid can relate to then look like the idiotic McGruff and have your children just ignore and laugh at you. Cause let’s face it, if you can’t handle the drug situation is your kid gonna trust you with the enlightening knowledge of their sex life?

Peace Hugs & Love


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