Hi! I'm Redhead Mama, Publisher of Bookieboo.

When people find out how much weight I've lost, especially if they did not know me when I was heavier, they look at me in amazement like I've done something impossible. My weight loss and new lifestyle have nothing to do with super human strength. I'm an ordinary stay-at-home mom with a very active toddler boy, whom I named the site after. Everything I did and continue to do is with the same type of limitations most moms deal with everyday like exhaustion, limited time, and fewer resources.

I know I have a lot to offer in terms of practical everyday advice from someone who has been there. So here is my first piece of advice to moms who are looking to lose weight and get their body back:

Start off Small!
This is what I did. When I got back from the hospital after having bookie, I was in so much pain, I could barely stand. I'm not just talking down there, it was in my hips. I carried him to 253 lbs. before I delivered, which is an astronomical amount to gain in such a short period. It put so much stress on my hips that I felt like I had arthritis. Every move took alot out of me. When I started, all I could do was walk short distances, so I waked from the far end of the parking lot and took the baby upstairs EVERYTIME I had to change him. I made small gradual changes like that throughout my entire weight loss and I still do today. Research shows that people who start off small tend to lose more weight than people who take on too much. This is because when you overwhelm yourself you get frustrated and then quit.

Starting small doesn't mean you end small. It means you make some small changes and then when you are used to those changes, make some more. But the trick is to NEVER overwhelm yourself. Don't take on too much because you will get frustrated and feel like it's impossible, and that's when we usually quit. I've been there before.

Today my exercise regime consists of a high impact workout for 30-60 minutes anywhere from 4-7 times a week, depending on the circumstances. I eat wholesome food low in calories and fat, but high in fiber, and I'm always checking labels for hidden MSG or other additives in my food, which I usually avoid. This did not happen overnight. I got there gradually, and I'm continuing to make small changes. If I had overwhelmed myself with a rigid exercise and diet regime, I don't think it would have been possible to lose all that weight. In the past I wasn't able to.

So remember to start small!

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