Hi, I'm Redhead Mama, Chief Mom of Operations of Bookieboo. I've successfully lost over 100 lbs. and am here to help you lose weight.

My third piece of advice would be to:

Build Reinforcing Habits
Building reinforcing habits means to create a system where you reinforce good behavior and discourage bad behavior. It's like putting checks and balances in your exercise regime. This is like a form of accountability that doesn't involve other people, just yourself. You can follow my example or create one of your own, but be careful to make sure that your reinforcing habits are comprehensive enough to keep you on track.

When I needed to create reinforcing habits, I created a program where I weighed myself frequently (everyday), recorded my weight loss weekly and measured myself monthly. Having a system to check on your weight loss progression will become an important tool in keeping you motivated. Not only will you continue to see progression on paper, but when you are getting discouraged (which will happen when you hit a plateau) you can look back at everything you have already done. Being able to see your progression will motivate you to continue and build confidence in yourself. You are less likely to quit if you record your progression. I have them going back two years and still look at them today.

I weighed myself everyday, sometimes twice a day for two reasons. (1) My body changes throughout the week and throughout the day, and by weighing myself everyday I was able to learn my body's natural rthythms. And by doing so, I wasn't upset when I would step on the scale and weigh 5 lbs. (yes, 5 lbs.) more than I did the day before. It was all about learning what to expect with your body and how it loses weight and not get disappointed when things don't happen quickly. (2) My second reason was for continued focus. Weighing myself everyday was a constant reminder of what my goals were--to lose the weight and become a healthier person and role model to my son. It also helped remind me daily to watch what I ate. Studies show that people who weigh themselves daily tend to lose more weight and are able to keep more of it off. There are alot of experts who will say not to weigh yourself everyday, and if you are really scared to do that, then don't, but you do need to weigh yourself every week at a minimum.

Recording your weight loss will be a powerful tool in helping you lose weight. Being able to visually see your progression is incredibly powerful. This is also about building confidence, because if you see your prior accomplishments, you will be more likely to believe you can accomplish more. Half the battle is just believing you can do it, so if you have that down, watch out fat...you're no longer welcome! Before I started this site, I used FitDay, a free online fitness software system. It can help you you track your progression and create these really cool graphs of your weight loss. It's a really useful site!

One important thing to note is inches are more important than weight. If you are weighing yourself and don't see much of a difference right away, don't worry--you are building muscle. That is a process your body has to go through. Trust me, you want alot more muscle on your body. I'd rather be gaining muscle (a metabolism booster) and getting smaller than lose weight. And if you look at it that way, you will start to see the benefit of everything you do.

Thanks for allowing me to help you! Good luck with your weight loss!

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