Why is that men think they can pull one over on women?

My man is wonderful, but he's not an outside kind of guy. He doesnt do lawns and he don't fix engines.
Well, I am outside trying to fix my lawnmower no spark no nothing. A couple of days ago, I bring it to Autozone to get the battery charged. Bring it back home, nothing.

Ok, so I ask my boys to come help NOPE ask friends to come over NOPE to busy. Some friends!!
So I get fed up today and go back out there. I try again, nothing. Dont turn over doesnt do anything.
I take the battery back out, put it on a charger that I got and its dead.

So that means, the idiots at Autozone thought she's a woman shes not gonna figure it out.

Anyone else ever get tired of a man to do something and do it themselves? Thank goodness, my momma didnt raise no dummy!!

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Comment by Deanna on August 7, 2008 at 10:59am
When women put their mind to it, we can accomplish anything!!
Comment by Mama Ofromance on August 7, 2008 at 9:08am
That had me laughing, because YES!

When we first built our house, we used radiant floor heating (when hot water circulates in the floor to heat your home), and my hubbie thought it would be a good idea to have some extra pipes sticking out of the wall to fasten to shelves so that he could dry his boots, and work gloves at the end of the day.

Good Plan.

Except Mr. Smarty Pants went ahead and fed like 20 feet of pipe into my laundry room. I spent the next 4 weeks tripping over it every single time I went in or out with a basket of laundry.

Finally, I actually got hurt, and said, "that's it!! You have got to move that thing out of the laundry room, it's always tripping me, and the dirty clothes are getting tangled up in it all of the time!"

"Sure, sure, maybe when I get home tonight." He said.

One day, two days, okay three days went by. Still no follow-through.

So, I invited my grandmother over for a cup of tea, and asked her to kindly watch my children.

I got a saw, drill, a board, a piece of drywall, some mud, and a troul.

I cut a hole on the other side of the wall, where my husband hangs his own clothes in our mudroom, fed the pipe through, went to the other side of the wall inserted the board back in behind the hole, screwed it into place, and cut out a piece of dryway the same size. Screwed the drywall in place, and mudded it up. I painted it later that day.

When hubbie came home, he tripped over his own house, and looked dumb-founded as he saw the other side of the wall all patched up, like the hole had never been there in the first place.


My mother used to always say, that "Men are little boys, who just got taller." LOL, sometimes I agree! :)

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