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Facebook really are you my friend?
It has been a long time since I have even thought about my hometown...a speck stuck between beautiful mountains in upstate New York. Really, you could drive through it and never realize with all of our three stop lights. I had spent almost 18 years of my life in the small town and never really found my place, so when I left it never even dawned on me that I would ever miss it. It has been about 12 years since I have step foot in my hometown. Crazy!
Last week I got a Facebook friend request from an old friend from my old camp....ok, so I was not great at the whole camp thing and ended up as a 12 year old assistant camp counselor. Let just say I am not a big joiner. Well, this request was from one of the counselors that I worked with and became friends with. She and I have spoken through out the years on and off and it had been 4 yrs since I had spoke to her. It was wonderful to hear from her, really I missed her.... not that many people know me that well and it is sometimes nice to be reminded of who you are.
Of course I added her to my friends list:)
What I hadn't realized at the time was that adding her meant that on Facebook I would see all the other people I went to camp with....
In my haste to Make Friends I added tons of people that I hadn't thought about in forever...sometimes forgetting that really I didn't like them 15yrs ago and really we are NOT Friends! So, other Facebook users how do you politely say "um sorry but really you are not my friend."
Here is one example of someone I would rather not have on my friends list;
So in highschool I was a skater, I know it really doesn't seem like the kinda of thing I would be, at least if you met me today, but I was baggie pants and all....
Most of my friends were guys from other surrounding towns and we would all get together at Raves on the weekends. I was one of the youngest in my group of friends and made a practice of staying over at other peoples houses when we went to Raves so as not to come home at 4 a.m. and have to explain myself.
One of my friends (lets call her X )was dating a buddie (lets call him Y)of mine and I was going to crash at Y's house with a bunch of other people. I was the only other girl which apparently was an issue to X.
Ok, It is like 2 a.m. and Y comes over and asks if I can stay at someone else's house that his house was packed. So, I asked around and I was going to say with a girl I kinda new but had never been to her house or anything before.
Y drops us off at this other girls house. We are getting ready for bed and her dad wakes up and starts screaming at us. He is was not pleased with the time we arrived home and wants to drive me to my house, which was about 45 min away. I was freaking out and call Y, by this time it was like 3 a.m., Y's mom answers and I apologize and explain what is going on. Y's mom was hysterically laughing and got him on the phone. Luckily, Y's mom knew me and liked me!!!!
Y tells me to stay put and he will be their in 10 min.
After laughing his butt off Y tells me that my good friend X had been uncomfortable with me staying at his house. Y was pissed he said at her and himself for not being a better friend to me and felt really bad. He gave me a long lecture about friends and said I needed to pick better ones...I introduced them...oops.
Y broke up with X over the whole thing and I stopped talking to X.......
Anyway I am not even sure if I ever told her why or that I knew what she had told Y.
Ok, she of all people is now my Friend on Facebook.....Argh!

So, dear readers of my tragic highschool drama what would you do?

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