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My attempts to get over stage fright…

I love theater and movies and acting. I only wish I could do it. I always call myself the eternal student and I love getting absorbed into the material. Acting does the same thing to me, when I’m transported into a whole new world when I’m at a performance or watching a screen.
I’ve always pushed my love of theater into the background and pushed my love of learning into the foreground. For as long as I can remember, I have hated being on stage. I was terrified at every ballet recital, every school play, every time I had to speak in class, and as I got older, it seemed to get worse and worse. I found comfort in books that I couldn’t find on stage.
Things began to change when I had my girls who love dress-up and make-believe. I would read with them and I would watch their plays, but they wanted me more involved. Slowly I began to step out of my stage fright shell, first by narrating their plays, then by being the nanny or evil stepmother. As my role expanded, I enjoyed it more and more. So, I took a step towards getting on a real stage and leaving my living room stage. I prepped myself by taking classes in stage theory and playwriting, and finally last semester, I took my first acting class.
While I’m still terrified of the stage, I almost can handle it, with a little bit of courage and my girls in the audience.

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