I made something good and healthy. And it was reeeally good.

I was wanting something small because I wasn't too hungry so I just decided to do a homemade parfait-type snack.  I actually tried it twice because I didn't like the first one, but the second one was delish.

Attempt 1 8 WW points-

  • 1/2 Cup Cabot Vermont Low Fat Plain Greek Yogurt (1 cup is one serving but that seemed like too much so I halved it) 2 WW points
  • 7 Strawberries, Sliced 0 WW points
  • 1/4 Cup Udi's Gluten Free Vanilla Flavored Granola (I found this in the gluten free/natural aisle at our grocery store Schnucks, not sure if it would be at Walmart too though) 4 WW points
  • 1 Tbsp Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (I love chocolate and thought I'd add it in) 2 WW points

This was quite gross.Well, the yogurt. The picture was pretty though. I already had plain yogurt so that's what I used, it would probably be better if I had a vanilla flavored greek yogurt or something because the plain was icky.  But everything else was good so I decided to make it again just with no yogurt.  Then I remembered I have the YoCrunch yogurt in the fridge.  It's just vanilla yogurt with m&m's or other candies that you can put in them.  So I used that yogurt. Much better.
Attempt 2 9-10 WW points
  • 1 container YoCrunch Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt (without the candies)  Not sure how many WW points this is.  With the m&m's in it I know its 5 points, so I did some googling and from what I can guess it's around 3-4 points without the candy added in. Not too bad.
  • 7 Strawberries, Sliced 0 WW points
  • 1/4 Cup Udi's Gluten Free Vanilla Flavored Granola 4 WW points
  • 1 Tbsp Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips 2 WW points
With the vanilla yogurt it was super good!! I was sad when I finished it all :( I had a small breakfast so I was okay with the 10 points for lunch, but you could easily make it less if you used a different type of yogurt and took out the chocolate chips of course!  You could obviously add whatever you want into it, but I love vanilla, strawberries, and chocolate and the crunch of the granola so it's perfect for me.
It was quick and easy too and that's always a plus!

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