Today I was finishing up washing some dishes when I noticed my oldest daughter Ashlyn was missing in action. I looked
around and found her sitting on the couch all by herself with a rather
bored look on her face. For a moment I wondered what on earth she was
doing…then I had a flash back of her standing on Payden’s bouncy seat
(with Payden in it of course) for which I had sent her straight to “Time
out” for. I had forgotten all about it, poor girl!

This made me think about how amazingly absent minded I am at disciplining. I usually remember when I put one of
the girls in time out but often forget why I sent them there. When I go
to get them out I have to wrack my brain to remember what I should be
correcting them about.
Sometimes when I’m in mid-sentence of lecturing my kids (like that has ever worked anyway) I
pause and think “what am I saying? Where am I going with this? I don’t
even make sense to myself right now”. It’s no wonder that they seem
more interested in my hand motions when I’m talking than what I’m
actually saying.

The sadder thing is I can’t even tell you what I’m thinking about that is so much more important. What I’m going
to make for supper? I have no idea what is preoccupying my mind. I think
I have covered well so far but one day I fear I will hear them
whispering to each other “I don’t think mommy knows what she’s saying”.

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