A Blogger Tag Game for Really Awesome Bloggers


Recently I was tagged in a blogger game by Life Inside Nickie's Little Bubble (cute blog name and  blog to check out) where you basically take these questions below, answer them as honest as you can, and pass them on to other really awesome bloggers. Sounds groovy. I love games. So here it goes y'all.



Blogger Tag Game



1.  Where were you born?  OK, boring question I know, but I guess we have to start somewhere...Evanston, Illinois.  Woo Hoo, a real party town. Hear about Evanston all the time in the news. Oh, and my mom told me as I started to make my entrance into the world, the nuns held a mirror down south of her feet so she could see her beautiful baby bundle being born. Instead she passed out. Figures.


2. Where you named Paula after anyone special?  Me?  Nah. Well.  Maybe. There's Paula Abdul. Wait.  Pffft. No, maybe she was named after me.  How about...oh yea, here's a good one. Paula Dean.  My mom always did enjoy cooking, and eating.  So there's that.  


3. If you have children, how many?  I have five. Five too many children, thanks for asking.

4. Any pets?  Oh yes, as of today I have a Golden named Mozart Marley.  I'm fairly musical, hence the name.  Moz can be musical too.  In the past I've cared for goldfish, turtles, ducks, bunnies, hamsters, kitties, chickens, pigs, turkeys, and other canine friends.  Guess you could call me a city farm girl.  

5. What has been your worst injury to date?  Ummmm...driving my girlfriend's new moped into a tree  doing 15mph in front of a group of friends when I wasn't supposed to be on the moped, or within a five mile range of the moped. Strict orders from my parents.  Sorry Mom and Dad.  At least I survived and am here to tell the tale.

6. Do you have a special talent?  Handbag and shoe porn.  No question about it.  

7. What's your favorite thing to bake?  Anything butterscotch. You've heard of that Better Than Sex cake delight, right, well I bake these Oatmeal Scotchies that I will tell you are Better. Than. Sex. 

8. What's your favorite fast food?  I like anything fast. If it's simple and quick, I'm all for it. For me that would have to be a toss up between Wendy's for their mouthwatering big juicy burgers and salty fries and KFC for their greasy fried chicken and fattening mashed potatoes. I'm getting hungry y'all.

9. Would you bungee jump?  Do I look like an idiot?  You can ask me now while I'm tipsy or in another five minutes when I'm good and drunk, the answer will be the same.  NFW.

10. What's the first thing you notice about a person?  The eyes have it.  That followed by a person's smile.  Definitely eyes and smile.  

11. When was the last time you cried?  Interesting question.  Let's think, that would have to be last week before Blizzard Nemo struck when I realized I was out of butterscotch. And bacon. And Fritos Corn Chips.  Damn.  

12. Any current worries?  What kind of question is that?  Of course I have worries.  Just look at me.  Look.  Closer. Closer. Closer!  I'm a freakin' worry wart.  Don't let the disguise fool you.

13. Name three drinks you drink regularly.  Water, water and water.  Ok, an occasional Sierra Mist. And I do love a glass of cold apple cider with my bacon.

14. What is your favorite book?  OMFG, how could I possibly answer that one? That would be like asking me which one of my kids is my favorite kid.  Wait.  Nevermind.  I guess I would have to say that Jodi Picoult is right at the top of my list of favorite writers as I've read all her books.  I've even rubbed elbows (and bosoms, see pic below) with Jodi a few years ago in NYC.  She's one cool cat, wet hair and all.


                                          Jodi and I hanging in NYC

15. Would you like to do be a pirate? I liked the first question, however being a pirate is a totally different animal. I guess maybe that would be awesome for about a day....or 7 hours. Ok, maybe just 55 minutes. Come to think of it, I was a pirate wench one Halloween. I've still got the fishnet stockings and costume to prove it.  Next question.

16. What are your favorite smells?  Well I know what I don’t like the smell of and you can probably guess that one. As for my favorite smells...Easy.  Gardenias. Rain. Yankee Candles. Babies. Burberry Brit perfume. Dolce & Gabanna cologne for men. Butterscotch. Honey Pie. And bacon.

17.  Why do you blog?  Three simple words.  OK four.  Because I dig it.

18. What song do you want played at your funeral?  Ew.  If I must answer, I guess the first song that comes to my mind is, This Girl Is On Fire, but if I need to tone it down a bit then I'd have to say Ave Maria by Josh Groban and Amazing Grace by whatever country singer sings it the twangiest.

19. What is your least favorite thing about yourself? So, if we're gonna get all personal y'all I'll just come out and say it.  It's my boobs.  I mean, they're still somewhat perky and a handful plus some, but if you look closely, they are not identical.  One is just slightly different than the other one.  So that would have to be it.  It's my boobs.

20. What is your favorite hobby?  Oh I love hobbies.  I do them every day.  Shopping, reading, antiquing, restaurant hopping, shopping, traveling, walking the treadmill, shopping, tennis and shopping.  And porn.  Handbag and shoe porn.  I think I mentioned that special talent of mine above in number 6.

21. What do you look for in a friend?  In all seriousness y'all, this is an important question. The main quality I look for in a friend is that their hiney is not as firm and round as mine and their boobs aren't perky.  One bit. OK, and that they're fun, trustworthy and older than me.

22. Tell us something you have done that you never thought you would do. Well, there are some things that come to mind that involve a golf course in the middle of the night, but I'd rather not share here. So I guess if I had to pick something else it would be...Skinny-dipping at Green Turtle Cay on a beautiful sunny day. Really, it was gorgeous y'all. Come to think of it, if I had the chance, I'd do it again.  Note to self: Check airfare and flights to The Abaco Islands.

23. What are your favorite things to do?  Check back at #20 but I can think up more, just ask my better half.  Next.

24. Any pet peeves?  You mean like toilet seats being left up so everyone can see the dried up pee stains (or worse), front door to the house left wide open as the dumbo who came in or out totally had a brain fart and forgot to close it, fridge door left wide open (dumbo strikes again), someone forgetting to cover what they are heating in the microwave (Phil and Jay).  I think I'd better stop now but thanks again for asking.

25. What was the last thing that made you laugh?  Her name is Jenny Lawson, better known as The Bloggess.  She's like Mother Teresa, Only Better. And that's that.

Done. That was a long ass game but aren't you lucky to know so much more about me? Why sure you are. The next part of the game is where I tag 10 more wicked bloggers and invite them to participate.  Or not.

Enjoy y'all. These bloggers are almost as good as me. Really.

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