A Buying Guide to Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Wardrobes are a focal point in any bedroom and no home could be without one in every sleeping area and also in other rooms where there’s a need for storage space. You can hang clothes, scarves, belts, and ties; store shoes and handbags, organise other household items such as linen, sports gear or anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else in the home. For a modern look, you can’t go past wardrobes with sliding doors, especially for a room where you’re trying to fit furniture into a tight spot.

The right style of wardrobe can be a welcome addition to any bedroom, and which model you choose will depend on the size of the room, or rooms, the needs of the householder, and the home’s decor. And as for the doors, there are a variety of models and styles of sliding wardrobe doors on the market now, which means you should have some fun buying the kind you want.

Modern Wardrobes with Sliding Doors

The first wardrobes were known as ‘armoires’ and were free-standing, very large and heavy pieces of furniture with lots of compartments and doors that opened outwards. These days, the modern wardrobes come with doors that glide rather than slide open at the mere touch of a finger. And there are no more doors jumping off the tracks and causing morning mayhem. These contemporary sliding wardrobe doors are precision manufactured, durable, and ultra-chic. The models with two doors are the usual style, but some manufacturers are offering three or more sliding doors. These doors do need more depth to accommodate the number of tracks necessary for them to function, but the usual two-door style only requires a track for each panel to slide across horizontally.

Styles of Sliding Wardrobe Doors


The market is awash with a variety of sliding wardrobe doors in different styles and in different finishes, so where do you begin when choosing the one for your bedroom? Wardrobes come in single or multiple sliding door models, some with mirrored panels with intricate detail. You can browse an array of sliding wardrobe doors on the internet, in furniture stores, on community message boards, on social media, catalogues, and online auctions like eBay.

The Best Materials for Sliding Wardrobe Doors


If your budget allows, only buy sliding wardrobe doors made from solid wood because the best wardrobes are made from medium to hard timber, which is durable and dense. Some of the less expensive materials used in the manufacture of wardrobe door panels are particle board and laminate, however, they don’t do well in the long-term because the wood swells and warps in damp or moist environments. The kinds of wood you choose when buying your sliding wardrobe doors will depend on what you want as the finish. For instance, if it’s a natural wood finish you want, as a match for your light coloured furniture, then try these:


  • Beech: This both elegant and robust.
  • Walnut: For a dark wood, try this timber which will complement both darker and medium-hued kinds of wood for sliding wardrobe doors.
  • Cherry: This timber has rich overtones of brown and red.
  • Mahogany: As with Cherry this wood has deep tones of red and brown.


You can also look at buying wardrobes with the sliding doors painted a solid colour. Or you can consider buying styles that you can paint in the colours of your own choice. You can also use gyprock panels raw or painted.

Now for  the wardrobe interior


Now that we’ve covered the outside of the sliding wardrobe doors, it’s time to take a peek into the interior of the style you’re considering buying. There are three main types of storage options for the interiors of the wardrobes built now. These are shelves, drawers, and a hanging bar. Most interiors include a rail or bar to hang up your clothes, and shelves for folded clothing such as shorts, jumpers, t-shirts, or even linen. You can also store knick knacks in the interior on the shelves and the drawers are great for socks, undergarments and other smaller items. Most wardrobes have different combinations of the three types of interior space.

Choosing a Sliding Door Wardrobe

Try to organise a checklist of what you’re looking for when you decide on buying a wardrobe with sliding doors. You need to have measured the space in the room where the wardrobe will be fitted, so consider the style and size of the wardrobe you want. It sounds like common sense, but if you fail to take into account the existing furniture and the space, your wardrobe might be too big or too small. The wardrobe should fit in with the decor of the house and especially the bedroom it will be fitted into. Mirrored panels in the sliding wardrobe doors are now considered chic and contemporary and they come in a variety of styles. To give you some idea of what type of sliding door wardrobe is best for your bedroom, read the choices below:

●    Buying to match


While not all furniture has to match exactly, when considering buying a wardrobe with sliding doors it’s a good idea to think about colours that complement each other. Couple lighter shades with darker ones. If you’re buying a solid wood wardrobe, and you are handy, you can sand, stain or paint the panels to alter their appearance.

●    Sliding wardrobe doors with mirrors


Wardrobes with sliding doors made from panels of mirrors are now very popular. The interior and the rest of the wardrobe is made of wood or the less expensive materials (that don’t last as long as solid wood) but the sliding panels are made of mirrors.The panels are slimmer and lighter, and the mirrors mean you won’t need a full-length, separate mirror so you save on floor space. Some models have a single mirrored panel, while others have more.

●    For Organisation

The layout of the interior is an important aspect to consider when buying a wardrobe. It depends on the amount of space you will need for each item you want to house in the wardrobe. Some wardrobes come shelves you can adjust to place larger items. Most people use their sliding door wardrobe to organise all their garments and other items so if this is what you’re looking for then choose one with a good combination of shelves, hanging space, and drawers. Shallow shelves are enough for storing linen.

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