Like us, you most probably feel in a difficult position when the Christmas is approaching. You feel like you don’t know exactly where to start your preparations from, and you feel like you most likely make some unforgivable mistakes on the way. But fear not, we are here to guide you through the entire process. From the Christmas dinner, to how to wrap your presents and Christmas décor elements, we have them all.


Christmas decorations

Yes, being in trend with this year’s hottest décor elements might be the key to a successful Christmas party.  Be careful to research the hottest trends, and make sure to invest in quality items, since they can truly make a difference. For instance, investing in some valentine ribbon rolls and using those to decorate your home, including your Christmas tree, might represent an innovative solution in terms of Christmas décor, as you certainly use those for a unique and quite stylish approach on your décor. You can use it as tinsel or your Christmas tree, you can use it to create some amazing hanging Christmas decorations, and why not, you can use it to create a more particular wrapping element for all your presents. Create your own hanging Christmas hanging décor elements by using some rolls of ribbon, some clue and a couple of inflated balloons. Simply wrap your ribbon on those balloons, after you coat them generously in glue. After the glue dries, after approximately 24 hours, deflate the balloons, attach more ribbons as a hanging element to your décor pieces, and you’ll have your innovative décor elements quite easily. More than this, many may state that those ribbon rolls are all you need for this year’s Christmas décor since these are incredibly versatile. Use inspiration boards like those you can find on Pinterest and you will certainly find some witty ideas.

Make your Christmas party guest list

Christmas is made for spending it with your loved ones, so you don’t have to go overboard with those you’ll be having by at your Christmas party. Of course, if you’re currently living far from your family, inviting by some friends with the same status as yours isn’t a bad idea. Be mindful of those you care about, of those who may feel particularly lonely during these times and make sure to include those, too. Christmas is not only being closer to your family and friends, but also about making others, less fortunate people enjoy this celebration and experience at true level its warmth. Make sure to include your family, but also your life partner’s family, this is a great trick to use when you want to make both parties happy, without compromising anything.

Be mindful of your menu

Before starting to procure the necessary ingredients for your party, do your research well. When sending your invitations, make sure to mention the fact that anybody who may be suffering from an allergy or another is more than welcome, and encouraged to communicate this to you. This will allow you to create a menu which will please all your guests. Also pay attention to the ingredients used, because some of your guests may have a restriction to sugar and other similar ingredients. Create Christmas-themed sweets, and if you lack the skill, procure your sweets from local bakeries. However, simple desserts such as rocky road can be easily personalised, and you can also gift these to your guests. The rest of the menu should be inclusive, and it’s a great idea to create a multicultural menu. Hummus, some lemon chicken, tasty purees and roasted veggies shouldn’t miss from your Christmas party menu.

Your beverage selection should also incorporate the Christmas spirit

Wine is a classic when it comes to Christmas parties, but you should make sure to include some mulled cider, alcoholic hot chocolate for the adults and a children friendly version as well. Not to mention the fact that some of your guests may not consume alcoholic beverages at all. For them, research your options and decide which non-alcoholic cocktails should be part of your party.  Remember, there is an option for everybody, so if you decided to be the host of a party like this, you should create options for all tastes.

Don’t forget to childproof your home

This is one of those small things many of us forget to manage during these times. But, given that some of your friends and relatives will be visiting you accompanies of their children, and these children may be less self-aware than adults, you certainly want to childproof your home. Invest in some Ikea corner bumpers and place those on all furniture pieces which can be easily accessed by children. Also, a great idea would be to restrict the access to certain areas of your home in order to decrease the children’s chances of injury. This may seem as a small detail, but parents will certainly thank you one way or another.

Create an appropriate playlist

Of course, not all people enjoy the same music, but when it comes to Christmas carols, you can’t go wrong. Create a playlist that will concentrate all those timeless carols, such as White Christmas, sung by Bing Crosby, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow sung by Dean Martin or Ela Fitzgerald’s version, both versions being amazing, and why not, All I Want for Christmas Is You, sung by Mariah Carey. Not everybody may be a fan of hers, but let’s face it, that song is a Christmas staple.

These are some of the most important elements you must be mindful of when it comes to this year’s Christmas party. Of course, you can personalise our suggestions so they fit more appropriately your own situation. Keep in mind that you don’t have to invest a fortune in your décor elements, several rolls of ribbons being all you may need in order to create an amazing décor, especially when using some great tips found on this Internet. And keep in mind, Christmas is all about sharing!

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