A Complete Guide to Ordering Custom Patches Online

These days, if you want to get custom patches made, there are different options at your disposal. Ordering custom patches online is regarded as one of the most economical and convenient methods of getting them made due to which a large number of people are taking advantage. Why? This is simply because ordering custom patches from an online retailer is easy, fast and cost-effective. As opposed to local patch providers, online companies are capable of handling orders of any size and at prices that simply cannot be matched by small shops.

Why Order Online?

Ordering custom patches online is a very easy decision to make when you think about the factors of service, quality, and price. In the last few years, online suppliers have become the go-to-option for custom embroidered patches of all kinds. Before this option, people had to visit local embroidery shops when they wanted to get custom patches made. You had to give your design to them, which had to be completely ready, and then they would put it into production. However, in the last two decades, technological advancement has brought about many changes.

There is an increasing number of custom patch providers online and they have become a dominant force in the market. There are several reasons why this is so. First and foremost, the local embroidery shops are on a small-scale and have various overhead expenses to cover such as rent and mortgage, utilities, equipment, personnel, and supplies. Large online providers also have to deal with these costs, but they spread them over an international or large customer base, which can bring down their price.

Furthermore, online providers are also able to benefit from economies of scale when they are buying equipment, supplies and other necessary goods and services. Again, this allows them to charge lower prices. Another area where online retailers are able to outdo small shops is volume production. Local patch providers cannot handle orders above a certain size because they lack the staff and equipment for handling large orders of custom patches. As they have limited equipment capacity, it means that even if they take large orders, small shops will take time to fulfill them. This means that there will be a long wait involved when you place a custom patch order. Also, if there is a breakdown, the waiting period could extend.

On the other hand, ordering custom patches online can be better because these retailers have access to high-speed state of the art equipment as well as several production lines. Therefore, they are capable of handling large volumes and will be able to deliver your patches sooner. Other than that, ordering custom patches online also allows you to get them made on state of the art equipment so you can expect your order to be precise and consistent. In addition, these providers will make use of the finest quality of embroidery thread and backing materials.

Quality control is much better with online retailers because they also hand-inspect every patch before they decide to ship it. This is not something a small shop may be able to do, especially because they don’t have enough personnel. Last, but definitely not the least, ordering custom patches online is also safer because these providers offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if there are any defective patches, they are willing to offer a replacement without any additional cost. Thus, the bottom line is that ordering custom patches online is similar to ordering other products online; cost-effective, easy and fast. As long as you are dealing with the right provider, they will be able to offer you excellent quality at unbeatable prices.

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