A Comprehensive Explanation FromStatus.wiki for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging application which allows users from different countries to connect with people that they want using devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers. This was developed by Facebook creators in 2009 and has been one of the top applications for messaging. In a website called Status.wiki for WhatsApp, it was stated that WhatsApp offers a lot of special features that are different from other messaging applications such as:

  • Text and call for free without any additional charges
  • Send any type of files
  • Share your feelings with its status feature
  • Easy login

Special Features Of WhatsApp

We will discuss a brief explanation of the special features of the said application. Firstly, any user could communicate with other people for free and there are no any hidden charges to be able to this. Users could even talk to friends and loved ones staying in another country without any international charge. WhatsApp also has a feature that lets users talk in the groupall at the same time. Secondly, users of this application have an opportunity to send any type of document, photos, videos or even voice messages using their phone. This is a level up in terms of convenience as the user would not need a laptop to do these kinds of things. Thirdly, a status feature of WhatsApp allows users to share their emotions and feelings by updating their status. This status could be in a form of a picture, a video, or just simply a text. And for the last one, the users would not need to memorize any username or password as this application only requires your phone number to be able to log in and use it.

Compared To Other Messaging Applications, Which One Would I Choose?

It is true that as years pass by, there are more and more inventions of applications which basically offer the same features because they are just imitating the best application which offers the best features. With this in store, a dilemma could arise on which one should you choose. Each application has their own special features which differentiate it from other hundreds of applications out there. The country is also a factor in choosing which one should you use as in some countries, this specific application is being used by many and in other countries, another application is being used.

It is not about what you want to use, it is all about what most people in your country specifically use as it requires two people to have the same application in order to communicate. Installing an application without your friend installing it would not give you the chance to communicate because you do are not using the same application. In conclusion, choose the messaging application that most of your friends have to ... while talking to your friends.

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