A Contrast of Your Wedding Anniversary Before and After Having Kids – Words from a Mommy

“Grow old with me, the best is yet to be...” Aren’t such mushy quotes apt for your anniversary day? When you’re with the one you love, time just files. With every passing year, your anniversaries start sneaking up on you and your husband seemingly plans to take you out for a romantic dinner date. Or you both may be so busy with different things that your big day comes and goes and you spend the day doing nothing special. If you’re a new mom who has given birth to your little bundle of joy and you’re all set to spend your first or second anniversary, don’t you feel familiar with the latter way of celebration? 

You might be a resident of Salt Lake City and you’re thinking of unique ways to celebrate anniversary in Salt Lake City, did you just pause for a moment to think how you’ll get time to make the day special after meeting the demands of your little one? This is why we’re here to give you the stark differences of spending an anniversary day before and after having kids. 

Planning your Anniversary

Before kids: Much ahead of the weeks leading up to your anniversary day, you would start discussing the things that you would do to properly celebrate the special day. 

After kids: You don’t have any idea of what day and what month it is and hence you automatically don’t realize that it’s your anniversary month. Just the day before the actual date, you open your calendar to check the time of your appointment with the child specialist that you realize that it’s your wedding anniversary the next day! 

Doing the little ‘nothings’ on the special day

Before kids: You plan to take a close look at your wedding album together so that you can relive the moments that made you cry or laugh on that special day. 

After kids: You have no freaking idea of where you’ve kept your wedding album. Even if you did find it out, you both would not get more than 20 seconds to look at it together as your little one may have spilled a glass of juice on the photo of your first kiss with your husband after marriage!

Planning a Night-out

Before kids: When you didn’t have kids, you would certainly plan a romantic night include that would definitely include cocktails, a fancy 5-course dinner, expensive wine in the most talked-of-the-town restaurant. You would book your seats way in advance of the day. 

After kids: As you realized that it’s your anniversary just 24 hours before the day, you madly try to book a babysitter for the next day so that you both can find some time out. After several tries, you find someone who is only available till 9pm. Then you begin a new search of the restaurants that are currently among the hottest list as you don’t have any idea of them. Finally, you book a decent hotel that server alcohol and that which has a decent space for you and your spouse. Forget the idea of spending a romantic night out!

Life changes after having kids but that doesn’t mean you’ll stop enjoying the special moments with your spouse. If you’re planning to celebrate your wedding anniversary, try to plan things way ahead of time so that you can easily make your day memorable in your own sweet way, even if that means having a quiet romantic dinner at home. 

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