A Day In The Life Of My Daughters Food Intake

At 16m my daughter loves food. Like LOVES food. Some kids will play through their hunger and forget to eat. Not mine. In our house, you can't even open the fridge without her head being in their searching for some sort of snack.

Now, personally, I think this is awesome. I adore that she has a healthy appetite and that I am creating a little foodie so young. That said, we all know that I'm a bit of a food snob. I mean, my daughter didn't even get a real cupcake for her first birthday! (read all about that here).

So it's no surprise that I'm a bit picky on what she eats. Thankfully, I have THE BEST daycare provider who doesn't mind that baby bear gets sent with all her food for the day.

So much food!
So much food!

When it comes to quantity I only have one really big rule: I don't care how much my daughter is eating (because honestly, focusing on any sort of restriction this young is just wrong) so long as it is real food. Meaning, there will be no "four slices of bread for dinner" or "unlimited cheerios" for baby bear.

I'm aware that this sounds snotty, and really it's not my intention.  But I am going to hold out onto the stance that she will only eat healthy food for as long as I humanly can. And since currently, she doesn't know what cheerios or cupcakes are, I'm holding on fine.

In fact, her three favorite foods are; avocados, berries & mushrooms. Really, I can't complain!

So you may be wondering what the hell I feed my daughter if she eats so much?? The below picture is a snap of what I send her to daycare with for two days (this is minus two meals as she also takes whatever we had for dinner the night before).

So here we go, a typical day of food for my daughter looks like this:

Breakfast: spinach and mushroom omelet with avocado or almond meal pancakes or overnight oats

Snack 1: homemade muffin and chopped tomatoes

Snack 2: yogurt and almond butter with berries

Lunch: leftovers from dinner the night before (stir fry, curry, soup etc)

Snack: green shake

Dinner: curry, buckwheat noodle bowl, stew, quinoa salad

As you can see, baby bear eats a lot. And this isn't even counting what she manages to sneak out of the fridge every time the door is open (normally berries, she's obsessed).

Food in fridge
Baby bear trying to sneak food from the fridge

Like I said, my daughter loves food.. a lot. And I'm okay with that. I may be a food snob, and it most definitely makes the playgorup question of "what did your babe have for breakfast this morning" awkward, but I know that what I'm feeding her is giving her the fuel and nutrients she needs to stay active and keep her immune system on ultra guard.

Is it tricky? Sometimes! But for me, it's doable.

I'm sure one day that will change, she'll go through her food phases like every other kid. But until then, I'll let the foodie in her stand out.

What's your babes favorite meal?

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