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Divine Theme

It’s hard to believe our twins are already two. I have been eagerly watching them grow and hit developmental milestones, yet the graduation from baby to toddler is paired with feelings of sadness and worry. My babies are grown and it’s happening fast. Just as it did with Thomas. Days spent with him lying on my chest are still my favorite moments and now I am listening to him practice his violin and reciting math facts resembling a teenager. Soon our Ella and Henry will start preschool, finish potty training, and enter the big kid world. Am I ready for that? Are we ready for that? Maybe.

The other afternoon we picked Tom up from school and made an impromptu stop at aliso beach to play in the park and run on the sand. A few months ago the idea of taking all three on my own to a park would have been an impossible thought. But this jump from one to two is monumental. We spent hours going down the slides, digging in the sand, building bridges, and running after Thomas. I am watching our children grow right before me. The anticipation for each of them to continue thriving and become their own person. Witnessing their personalities strengthen and seeing so much of our family in them. It’s a dream.

And in that same thought, I can’t believe it’s been two years. Have we done enough with them? Did i spend too much time looking forward to their independence and development that I missed important infant moments? As a parent, for me, these questions are constant and often unanswered.

The contrast of raising Thomas and Henry and Ella is so varied. We took Tom everywhere, did anything. While with the twins we have spent a lot of time in the comfort of home. Two different experiences, doing the best we can by our children. I feel confident that they feel loved, that life is a beautiful, crazy thing for them, and they know they are our most important. Our everything.

While all three of them are no longer babies, they are the most wonderful little humans. My greatest honor is being their mother. I trust that no matter what they will continue to flourish and we will do the best we can by them.


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Comment by EMILY ROLFING-GUMMOW on February 29, 2016 at 2:09pm

Thank you for the feedback, Sarika! I hadn't realized it was transferring in all caps! xo

Comment by Sarika Nair on February 29, 2016 at 1:04pm
Great to read about your twins Emily. It would be better if you don't use ALL CAPS. It makes reading difficult.

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