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A Healthier Alternative to Nighttime Relief – Sambrosa Nighttime Syrup

With all the allergy and nighttime products out there it can be difficult to choose the right product for you. But when you take a closer look at household brands, common ingredients are high corn fructose syrup, dyes, benzoates and other chemical inactives. Why use these chemicals to fall asleep if you don’t have to? The good news: Sambrosa offers a healthier alternative to nighttime relief.  Sambrosa is suitable for 12 years and up.

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Ingredients for nighttime allergy relief

Sambrosa’s goal from the beginning has been to create a healthier alternative to other nighttime allergy relief products today. By combining a real honey base with organic herbs and the active ingredient Doxylamine they have done just that. The effectiveness of Doxylamine combined with the soothing effect of honey and the 5 herbs make for an unique fast acting product to get your good night’s rest.

Doxylamine is an antihistamine. It is used for allergy relief such as hay fever as well as the common cold. It can be used by itself as a short-term sedative. Doxylamine is an FDA certified commonly used in products in the USA.

Honey is quite amazing in its taste and in its countless health benefits; it is an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and contains antioxidants. An old well known bed ritual is warm milk with honey, which can relieve nocturnal cough and allow proper sleep.

Aniseed oil has relaxing and tranquilizing effects.

California Poppy is an excellent herb for the nervous system.

Hops is used for its aromaticum but is also believed to benefit conditions such as anxiety and insomnia.

Passionflower is used for anxiety, insomnia and restlessness.

Thyme is excellent as calming coughing. 

Eucalyptus is known for its aroma, but also for its pharmaceutical, and antiseptic uses. Eucalyptus oil may also have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. People use eucalyptus oil to help treat a wide range of medical conditions, such as symptoms of the common cold. Eucalyptus oil vapor acts as a decongestant when it is inhaled and is used to treat bronchitis.

Please do take into account that the product contains alcohol. The herbal extracts contain alcohol, resulting in 5.6% alcohol in Sambrosa Sweet Dreams. Sambrosa also contains citric acid, glycerin, potassium sorbate, sugar and water.

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Comment by Taina on December 6, 2016 at 2:26pm

Need Sambrosa to turn me into a sleeping beauty asap. 

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