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A little consistency equals better sleep

I am traveling for work this week. I actually enjoy traveling for work, because it usually means meeting up with coworkers on the opposite coast, connecting with my amazing team, and having some fun nights out. But I am grateful that I don't have to travel all the time, because I know that it creates some chaos for my husband and son.

Here's the thing: They are perfectly fine without me. I know that. But, I also know that my family is like a well-honed team. We are used to our schedules and our time together at night throughout the week. My traveling throws a kink into that - especially when I am on the opposite coast.

One area that I know I impact? My son's bedtime routine. By being in a different time zone, his bedtime lines up to the same time that I am wrapping up my workday. And I am usually late, which means my son is usually late getting to bed.

It turns out that even if I am home, my working schedule has an effect on my son's overall sleep. Moms with tight working schedules are unable to keep their home schedules in check. And as we all know, our evening schedules - the time when we are getting together, trying to make dinner and finish homework - are the busiest time of a family's collective day. And that is the time we need preserve so that we aren't in a rush or running late and everyone can go to bed on time.

That is a struggle even for people with flexibility in their schedules.

But take hope: Regular bedtimes are the key (at least according to the study on that link.) If you can be consistent about your child's bedtime - even when your own work/life balance is in flux - you can erase the effects of all that rushing around.

Bedtime...it's always the key (for children and adults).

What do you dislike about your working schedule? Tell me in the comments.

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