The girls were sitting quietly doing art work as usual and I was happy the boys were playing nicely with our new wagon..Aidan was losing his battle with me to take a shower and was heading upstairs....... its peaceful all of a sudden as I thought to myself sitting on the deck


Ronan fell off the wagon and smashed his head, going face down off the new deck. As he fell I new it was going to be bad, I could see how hard he hit. I think before he even stood up covered in blood I was yelling at Skylar to bring me a facecloth or something, her and Aidan were running around frantic trying to find one. We sat in the backyard quietly as I got the bleeding to stop, right by the eyebrow and I tried to figure out what to do, of course Ed was still working and his phone was dead.

Then to break the silence Skylar starts yelling ,TURKEY, TURKEY ! and we look over and there is a real live wild turkey standing at the gate to our yard. What are the odd's of that, I have to play the lotto with the odds I have. The kids all ran out to the road chasing a Turkey at 6:30 in the evening. I ran to follow them, all I could picture was one of them chasing the turkey into the road and getting run over.... . Luckily the neighbors were driving by and I kidnapped there 13 year old to come over and watch the kids. My mother says the turkey was my guardian angel that took me to the neighbor to help..... yes she is Irish.

I could not for the life of me find one of Ronan's shoe's... we were all running all over the house and the backyard looking for it, I refused to bring him to the hospital without shoes on those dirty floors. The kids kept yelling found it! and I would glance at the shoe and say no that's Edmonds, no that's Paraic's, no that's yours -come on now. At the moment it didnt seem to funny but having all your kids and your neighbor looking frantically for a shoe as your 3 year old is sitting on the couch bleeding and Brody of course was screaming seemed silly. After 10 minutes I said forget it, I'll just bring Edmond's shoes, better than nothing. Ronan vomitted the hole ride to the hospital and I felt bad I couldnt help him , I just wanted to get there. Once we parked, I opened his door and felt horrible that he was covered in blood and vomitt but I felt even more horrible that he had gotten sick all over his shoes!

While in the ER waiting room I was trying to get Ronan, now shoeless, to sit and color while we wait, he started to but then just put his head down on the table and fell asleep. Needless to say the Doctor wanted to do a Catscan. Well, we left there after a few hours with 3 stitches and a concussion and a red popsicle that Ronan was delighted to get that melted all over him in the car and I didnt care, what's a little popsicle juice when you are sitting in a puddle of blood and puke. And he was just happy to have one. I must go now, I have some cleaning to do!

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Comment by Amy Whitley on May 28, 2010 at 12:22pm
Colleen, my friend Patty sent me a link here, and I'm glad she did! This made me laugh, because even without as many kids as you have, we've certainly had similar moments! Looking forward to getting to know your blogging better! Amy

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