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Hello my fellow Mom Bloggers, how are you all doing? 

        It has been a while since I have been on here, but that is nothing unusual.  I tend to not stick with things, but I am trying to change that.  I wanted to start blogging about my lifestyle change.  I just recently started dieting and exercising.  I just got so tired of being down on myself all of the time about the way I look.  I have a low self esteem and I need to work on it.  I know I am not obese, but I do consider myself overweight.  I want to have more energy and be healthier for my family.  If I have more energy I will feel more like going out and playing outside with my children.  I go outside at times, but I want to do it more.  I also feel so down and depressed and therefore I don't feel much like doing anythign besides staying in my house.  I don't want it to be like that.  I am hoping if I start chaning my life around then maybe I can improve on everything I want to improve on and I can be more energetic and more happy.  I want to be healthy because I want to be around for my children for a long time. 

        I want to lose about 60lbs if it is possible and maybe even more.  Anyways, on February 24, 2018 I started dieting and exercising.  I count calories and I do not exceed 2,000 calories a day. I also do not eat anything after 6:30pm.  I changed some of my bad daily habits which included me drinking a McDonald's Large Mocha Frappe about 8 times a week and sometimes more to drinking Strawberry smoothies. I still treat myself a couple of times a week to a Mocha Frappe but not like I used to.  I started using a Fitness Happy Planner which allows me to track all of my meals each day.  I can also track my calories, and water intake.  The Planner has places for before and after photos and for weigh in and body measurments so I can really keep track and see my own results myself.  The proof will be in the pics and scale numbers hehe.

        Since February 24th I have lost 7 pounds.  I have lost 2 inches from my waist, and 1 inch from my hips.  I am really excited about it!  I just need to stay positive and stick with it this time.  I so often have given up on dieting in the past, but I konw that is not the way.  Dieting and exercising is not easy, but nothing good is ever easy to get.  It takes work and this time I will work at it because I know that I am worth it

        There have been days where I just felt like I was starving haha.  When I felt like that, I would eat something really small like a couple of crackers or a bowl of soup.  I started walking/jogging; mostly walking though.  I dont do it much, just a couple of times a week.  I also work out at home.  I have an ab machine that I use every other night.  I don't work out a whole lot because I know that I will be in pain if I over do it, especially since I am just a beginner in this, so I only work out a few times a week for about 15 minutes each session.  Once I get more used to it I will up my times.  Anyways, apprently what I am doing is working since I have already seen results in just a couple of weeks.  I also just recently bought a veggie diet pill called Garcinia Cambogia and it definitely helps.  It helps me to suppress my appetite so that I don't over induldge.  I get full quicker which is great in my opinion.  I drink water a lot now which is a lot better than what I used to drink as you all know.  I love Smart Water; it tastes amazing especially when it is half frozen hehe.

        I plan to start posting my progress on my blog as much as I can so that everyone can see what I am doing and how my dieting and exercising is working out.  I want everyone to take this journey with me and see how I become the "New Me".  Maybe I will be able to inspire others while I am on my New Me Journey. :)

        Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all enjoyed it.  If you all have any questions for me just ask.  If anyone has any advice for me I would greatly appreciate it.  Anything that can help me on my journey to a New Me, is much appreciated.  I look forward to hearing from everyone and I look forward to telling my story.  Have a wonderful week everyone and God Bless!


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