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Step-by-Step Career Guide to Become a Florist

The job of a floral specialist, or florist, involves cutting flowers and arranging them into bouquets and display which are suitable for specific social events. The job may sound simple, but there are various crucial parts to it which are impossible to learn overnight. A crucial part of the job that is often overlooked…

Live a Greener Life With Sustainable, Reusable Water Bottles and Coffee Cups

I am trying to do my part to live a greener life. I am in no way an expert in living a more sustainable lifestyle, but I am doing little things that make a difference. I am already a stickler when it comes to recycling. My family and I no longer buy water in plastic bottles. Instead we filter our tap water and…


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A Quick Introduction To Promotional Gifts

There are a few different reasons for why your business may be considering investing in a range of promotional products. Whether that be for prospective clients, current clients, or to hand out at trade shows, you’ll want to make sure that the products you choose have the desired effect.


If you’ve ever visited a trade show, you’ll have no doubt seen a whole range of different types of promotional gifts available, varying from brilliant to questionable, so we thought we’d pen this quick introduction to help you make sure that you get your own promotional gifts just right.


Consider the purpose and delivery

One thing to consider is what the purpose of the promotional gift is going to be. Beyond just having your company’s branding visible, you may have a few different aims.


If you are attending a trade show, you want your handouts to help with brand awareness so that people who have interacted with you will remember you, so you want to make sure your gift stands out as people will pick up plenty throughout the day.


A great option is a thin packet of mints in the shape of a business card with your company branding on, as these are compact and easy to slip into a pocket, but still a little bit more exciting than a business card itself.


Another thing that you may wish to hand out is testers if your company sells products rather than services. This is great opportunity to get people to try out your products who may not have done so otherwise.


One great way to help people remember you and your brand if you don’t have a physical product to give out is to print your details on mugs or pens to give to prospective and clients. Both are items that will be used often, so you’ll be sure to stay in the forefront of people’s minds,


Quality and image

Quality is so important when it comes to promotional gifts, and this is one thing that many companies tend to overlook in favour of simply producing a high quantity of items to get their brand name out far and wide.


For example, if you are going down the practical route and giving away something that will be used every day such as a pen, then your pen needs to stand out in terms of quality to all the other pens that that person is likely to receive. This will help to establish your brand and reflect on the thoughtfulness and quality of your service.


We spoke to Stitch Embroidery who told us “brand image is a very important thing to consider, and ideally you should keep it consistent right the way through from your company dress code to your email signatures, so make sure that you don’t deviate when choosing promotional gifts.


Think about whether or not your promotional gift is relevant to the type of company you run, as well as interesting and useful.”



We hope this has helped you to start the process of thinking about the best route to take for your company when choosing promotional gifts. If you need a little bit of inspiration when it comes to choosing something truly unique, we found this great board of ideas on Pinterest!

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