I have learned that in business, and in life, that "All is fair in love and war." What does this mean exactly? Well, if you must know, it traces back to John Lyly's "Euphues" (1598). The quote was "The rules of fair play do not apply in love and war." John was a Renaissance English poet and playwright and certainly a man ahead of his time in recognizing that there are many a people who do not play fair. I imagine that some of you who are reading this now may be cursing those who have wronged you in business or in life. Maybe this conjures up thoughts of the gentleman who signed a contract agreeing to remit payment in 30 days that you still haven't heard from. Or, perhaps it's the woman who promised to reciprocate a promotion who never lived up to her end of the bargain. While I'd like to believe that everyone is moral and ethical, there are many business owners or independents that simply do not play fair. (Funny how we teach our children this basic concept when they are so very young.) I am not saying that you should completely lose faith in the system or that you should never let your guard down. What I am saying is that we would like you to proceed in business and in life with a bit of caution. (Is it obvious yet that some jerk did not make nice with me?)

Here is some food for thought:
1. Collect monies before you begin a project.
2. Do not accept checks/switch to credit card only and make sure to get card number up front.
3. Negotiate and sign contract before you begin executing proposal.
4. Offer a small percentage off for paying upfront.
5. Believe it when you see it.
6. Sales is a roller coaster ride. Get used to the peaks and valleys or get off the ride.
7. Go with your gut!
8. Be smart and strong and don't be afraid to push back when negotiating.
9. Celebrate the wins no matter how big or small.
10. Have faith... there are still some gems out there.

Know that we all make mistakes in business... that's how we learn, improve and become wiser.

Many of your kids are off to school in the next week or so.... they too are on their way to becoming wiser. It is our job to teach them to dodge the bullies or to avoid the kid who doesn't make a fair snack trade. What advice do you have in business or in life? Upload your answers in the form of a blog post and you may just be a new winner in our "30 Winners in 30 Days contest!" Congratulations to those who have already won: On 8/18 Shari Boockvar wrote a great piece entitled "Nutrition Inspirations" and won herself a book entitled "Peeing in Peace", on 8/19 Carol Cohen uploaded a blog entitled "Nurses are Returning to Work in Droves" and now wins a hit CD from Universal Records and congrats to our 8/19 winner Amy Impellizzeri who blogged on MyWorkButterfly with an amazing post called "The Great Paula Debate" reviewing Paula Abdul's Idol ousting and equal pay for women. Amy wins VH1's Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp Workout DVD. There are more prizes to be had... simply blog or create a forum on MyWorkButterfly.com to be entered to win!

Have a stress-free week!

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