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A Waiter’s Companion is a book designed to fill the niche between what a restaurant employer’s desire in a server and the difficult task of gaining useful experience as a server new to the business.  There are numerous suggestions and guiding principles designed to elevate a new server’s hospitality mentality. 


Although this book’s audience is young people new to the restaurant business, it is my hope that restaurant owners and managers will discover the value of making this book required reading for all of their servers.  Their benefit will become evident in the increase their bottom line as they give their staff the necessary information to create more positive dining experiences in their restaurants.


Publisher: Halo Publishing International


Website address:


This book is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and, and on Kindle.


A Waiter’s Companion makes a great gift for anyone you may know who is waiting tables.  Whether a son, daughter, or grandchild, this book will undoubtedly contribute to their success and confidence.

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