Daily we get lots of spam emails. Some of them are to sell anything or service, some came from fraud to make you fool and get your money.

All are business. Good or bad. What they say are the most beautiful things in this world. Which you want to hear. The way they say things like the only intention of them is to help you or to love you. Whatever your heart may desire to listen, they will say that.

This happens on phone too.

Most of the people just delete them. People get annoyed.

But you know what, I like them. I like to read their beautiful words. I just wish they were saying the truth. Well, I don't open any email, I don't want to get affected by any virus. I just see the subject line. At least someone is communicating with me, with hope. Ready to be with me (Though it's a lie). They never get irritated, no matter what I say, never stop looking for you.

I like flyers which come to our house. Especially when it mentions my name with sweet words. At least someone (Or some company) is sending something to me. Maybe most of the time I don't read it, just put them in recycle bag. ;) 

Trying to look for positivity in everything.

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