I have an addiction, it’s not alcohol, cigarettes, coffee or even chocolate my weakness lies in an odd shaped yellow fruit called…bananas. I love bananas and can’t see to get enough of them. I buy twenty or fifteen
bananas almost everyday and we eat them all. Did you just raise your eyebrows
at that number? It’s disturbing I know and a problem for sure. I used to blame
my girls on how fast we ate them but then I realized I am actually eating most
of those delicious bananas.

Yesterday Adam came home with a useless bag of bruised, tasteless bananas. I asked “Did you get these from the store?” Indeed he had, how naive of him for any banana lover knows that the street is the place to buy
bananas. It’s like a drug…the good ones are only sold on the street by fruit
dealers and little ladies wearing aprons. Ok, so many drugs aren’t sold by
ladies wearing aprons but you get my point these things cannot be purchased in
a store.

Today I requested bananas from the street and he came home with the most wonderful bag of perfectly ripe bananas. I actually get excited when I see them, it’s like I need a banana fix. I ate seven and I plan to do
the same tomorrow and the next day, and the next until the day I leave this
country and their amazing bananas.

They are the perfect treat sweet, healthy and ridiculous cheap. On the street I buy twenty bananas for a dollar, that’s a great deal! There are even one’s called apple bananas which taste like someone injected apple
flavor into a banana. Yummy!

I don’t know what kind side effects could come from eating too many bananas but so far I seem ok (though I’m sure every addict tells themselves that). Lord help me when we move back to the states and I am forced
to eat those tasteless things that resemble a real banana.

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