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Adulting is Hard - Adult Reward Stickers

It's no secret that being a grown up is tough work. Once we graduate high school, the praise of doing the crap we're meant to do (school work, getting up and going to school, getting dressed, brushing our hair, acing a paper) ceases and we're all just expected to do these things because we're "adults". Well there's a new trend called "adulting" and I can't say that disagree with the consensus that adulting is hard. 

When a friend came to me with an idea for reward stickers for us, the forgotten grown up sticker lovers, I thought it was the best idea ever. We got to work on some great sets you can find in our shop here or on our Etsy page. Check out a few of the sets we have so far. 
Adult Reward Stickers - Adulting is Hard for College Students
We're always looking to create new sets, so go ahead and make your suggestions, create your own set, or just order one of the ones already made for yourself or someone you want to tell they are awesome.  Being a grown up doesn't mean we can't praise each other for our accomplishments. Like getting out of bed, going to work, being a mom, drinking and not getting belligerent, going to class, and adulting. If you want to congratulate your co-workers, best friend, brother or sister that just started college, or drinking buddies on a job well done you might like our adulting stickers. Check them out, tell your friends, and most of all give yourself a high five for making it this far! If no one has told you today, you're doing a great job being you. :) 

My special thanks to Kelly Williams for blogging about my stickers! Check her out here! 
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