Advanced Cake Decorating Tricks To Learn From Pros

Nothing can ever beat the taste of freshly baked goodies like cake, cookies, brownies or bread. However, there is a possibility that you are not able to eat them as fresh as they came out of the oven. Usually, owners of bakeries try to do everything just for assuring customers that they are selling oven-fresh baked goods, but most of the time it happens that the baked goodies go musty and lose their yummy taste whenever they are exposed to air. Luckily, there are some things which you can do for reviving the fresh taste of your cakes, cookies, and bread especially at home. Bakery owners have best cake fridges that’s why their food remains fresh, but if you don’t have that then here are tips for you.

Tricks of decorating and keeping the cakes fresh

  1. For the purpose of keeping the bread, cakes or cookies really fresh you have to add a half apple in the container, where you are going to store it. Actually, the moisture present in apple helps you in preserving the moisture of your desired baked goodies, to keep them in soft and fresh form for a longer time period.
  2. Baked goodies, cakes, and bread could be wrapped in a freeze cloth towel. We can keep these baked goodies in the freezer for a longer time because the towel extracts all the moisture from the baked goods. You should never use a paper towel without freezing otherwise it will only disintegrate and doesn’t help in the extraction of moisture. If there is not enough space in the freezer so that you could fully wrap the cake or bread, you could cover them with a cloth towel also.
  3. You can also enfold the cake in saran and freeze it. And wait until it turns into solid frozen form and then you can preserve it in a ziplock bag. It all depends on the temperature of the kitchen, some people keep the cake at room temperature for a number of days by wrapping it with a piece of plastic, which is followed by a foil-wrap. This idea only work where the temperature is not more than 75 degrees F. If the temperature goes above this range, then you have to store the cake in the fridge.
  4. For the purpose of returning dry crumbling cakes and cookies to their original state, just put them on a cookie-sheet and moist a dish towel and twist it thoroughly. And then place it over the cake and cookies and cook in the oven them for five minutes in a 350-degree oven.
  5. You could also use the method of layering the cookies in a 9x13 container made up of plastic. Over the first layer, you could place a wax paper and then place more cookies on top. And on the final layer, you should place another piece of wax-paper and also a piece of fresh bread. Then cover the pan and keep it in a cold and dry place. Afterwards, you have to replace the bread when it turns hard or stiff. Just remember, never put the fresh piece of bread directly on the cookies for avoiding them to become very soft or spongy. If you have baked the cookies yourself, then you have to cool them entirely before storing in this manner.

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