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Advantages Of ALS Patients Getting A Feeding Tube – Didn’t Get It

I went to the hospital to get this done and ended up not doing it. On the way there I had a breathing problem. Then it got better when we got there. We were sitting there waiting to be called and it started again. So they sent me down to the ER. And I ended up laying there for 3 hours. It got better in just a few minutes but they insisted on doing some tests. And those ended up fine. My lungs were getting oxygen. It’s just a muscle thing. It’s hard to explain. But then they let me go and said I was fine. So I have to re-schedule.


I’m getting this stomach tube put in next week. It is a small, flexible tube, about ¼” in. in diameter that is an alternative route for nourishment and hydration.

I don’t really have to eat this way. But I want to get it done while my breathing is great! The sooner you do it, the better. Plus I’ll be able to have more nutrition in my body this way. And of course that’s better for my muscles.

GO HERE  To finish this post and there's more about my disease.

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