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By Liza Kovacs, M.S.C, M.A., Fitness Contributor

Wow. I know I am not the only one who thinks about the future and wish for this, to be spared somewhat from the ravages of time and to sail through the twilight of my life with ease and elegance. My older sister reminded me again recently about Baby Boomers and their needs. While I fall a year short of being officially included in that demographic group, I do feel their pain. Having been a dancer for 20 years, I understand the need to care for a body not too happy with what it has been put through over time.

Many of my movement students are middle aged. I see how they too struggle with issues that creep up after years of bad habits and, in this respect, I dare say that aging gracefully is also of concern to the young: their sphere of interest might lie elsewhere, as aging has not yet shown its disheartening effect, but many aspects of physical health that come into play later start to develop. The hard core physical activities we give ourselves to in the splendor of youth; or in reverse the physical activities we do not give time to {later we tell ourselves}; the postures we adopt; the habits that become ingrained and that are repeated day after day, year after year… all of this is part of living and will embed itself in our body, etching itself deeper and deeper with each day.

So… great! Now what? Most of us have not had “perfect” lives, doing the “perfect” activities for us, eating the “perfect” foods, sleeping a perfect night. Nor should we expect that of ourselves. Our bodies thrives on novelty. The issue however comes if one is physically feeling that they have been paying the price for this.

I would like to offer you a secret that would enable you to breeze through time and aging with grace and effortlessness, tips on how to wake up each morning without a twinge or two, on how to keep your hips swaying easily when you walk, on reaching up to high shelf without a click in your shoulder, on taking the stairs without knees complaining.

Alas I must disappoint you. There is no magic bullet, no special potion, no secret other than the daily efforts we put into our lives to care for ourselves and our body, our instrument of expression and communication with the world. Those deliberate acts of kindness feed our bodies, mind and souls and I cannot think of a more graceful approach to aging than a gentle nurturing and loving of the self as a whole. Well, that and my not-so-secret recipe for the fountain of youth as illustrated below:

Fountain of Youth 2

Stay well my friends!

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