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Now i really don’t know what is going with this funny little boy of mine…

i seriously think he is trying to decide which stage he would like to go through first he has the whole squeak like a Guinea pig thing going but at the same time he has the whole caveman thing going
for him too, i don’t think he is too sure whether he wants to squeak or
grunt… come on boy make a decision!

Anyway if it’s confusing me what is it doing to my poor bug? But anyway he is still getting all the things that he wants and needs, at least he still getting dinner on
time( we all know what stage he will pick if he doesn’t…)and he wont be
happy with that, his new favourite thing to chew on? well a piece of
cucumber of course, his sharp little gums peel through the thicker outer
skin and then he sits gobbling up the softer inner flesh and the pips
are all across the face, eyelashes and all.

so with all the teething that is happening in our house we gotta tell you Aidan is not the only one who’s hurting… i mean yes Andrew and i hurt because we
feeling bad and just as frustrated as Aidan is, but the point is mommy
is hurting more, lets just put it plainly, Aidan is like a pit bull that
has a piece of meat hanging from his jaws, he bites down and shakes his
head side to side for all that his little life is worth…. and we all
know just how much he is worth, I'm just surprised how a nipple has such
a strong will to survive… It just refuses to let go, sometimes i just
wish it would cause something's gotta give and i know for certain Aidan
is stubborn just like the rest of mommy’s family.

Anyway now that he has got to the caveman stage and has decided that if something comes in to reach and it doesn't get thrown on the floor or taste tested
first he then needs to see if its going to make a noise so he needs to
pull on it, this is why i don't go to the hairdresser anymore (i have
one at home, but he doesn’t do a very good job he neglects the left side
of my head) and also the reason I had to get rid of the pet guinea pig,
he kept pulling its hair which made me quiet sad, it hurts you know…

This is how it makes me feel about it!

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