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 In Islam, this has been told that people should stand shoulder to shoulder in line when they say a prayer together. I assume to increase brotherhood and to decrease differences between everybody this system has been established.

Airplane authorities or builders liked it very much. The way they have put seats inside an airplane that you don't have any other choice but to sit shoulder to shoulder. I mean your shoulder will touch the other person's shoulder when you take a seat. If it is a family member then you will tolerate or enjoy it. But when this happens with strangers then I'm sure everybody won't like it. especially for women, it is very uncomfortable.

Here is the airplane policy, if you don't like this kind of journey, then pay extra and you will get a first-class seat.

In Canada, air tickets are already very high. And service is pretty low. If you travel to other countries with other airplanes you will see, with less money how high-quality service has been maintained. Even if you travel through Bangladeshi internal flights, those give much better service than Canadian airplanes.

One option I like is Canadian airplane booking. You can choose which seat you want to sit from online. So, you can have a less expensive seat if you choose to sit near wings or take no food. But again, even the less expensive seat price is too high.

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