Well of course after my fame of making it into the top #25, #23 to be exact I thought I'd share some things about myself you may know or not know.

  1. I used to have a love affair with a hot glue gun. I glued everything. I'm talking instead of screws I used glue. It was pretty bad. Trigger Trigger glue son.
  2. I went to Aruba and fell in love with the sand. It's not devil sand like on the obx.( I live here so I get to say that).
  3. I also went and zip-lined in Costa Rica. The only thing good about that was, I now get to say I went zip-lining in Costa Rica.
  4. My fav color is green, but I'm not sure why because it's not very pretty.
  5. I love to wear yoga pants even when I'm not doing yoga and I do yoga NEVER.
  6. I'm very very attracted to my husband. When I want to kill him I don't because he's hot.
  7. I had my first kid when I was 20 and had no idea what I was doing. Oh that's right I still don't know what I'm doing.
  8. I hate groups/events/parties I feel everyone is staring at me.
  9. I get nervous easily and the way I cope is by talking loud and that tends to put more attention on myself which is stupid, makes no sense.
  10. I'm not a fan of homework, Kids homework. I believe they should do it, but I also believe I should have paid more attention in school. Its awful when asked a question by my 3rd grader I look all around like the answers on the wall and it's not.
  11.  When it comes to writing I have a degree in NOTHING. I barely graduated from high school and I mean BARELY.
  12. I'm guilty of liking the band one direction, not sure why, but I do.
  13. I love cardigans. I wear one with every outfit. I wish they made one for bathing suits. #arminsecurities.
  14. I love nap time.
  15. I love social media. Some good stuff on there. I wish someone would write a drama blog I would be #1 fan.
  16. I love to read.  Not classy stuff.  The rated R stuff.
  17. I struggle with loving myself and my appearance
  18. I have zero confidence.
  19. I like the idea of animals.
  20. I have 2 fish.
  21. I wanted to be a dolphin trainer when I grew up.

Your now up to speed.

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